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Please check back often to follow our progress and to meet our equines in need.

If you have men who will exclude any of God?s creatures from the shelter of compassion and pity, you have men who will deal likewise with their fellow men. ~ St. Francis of Assisi

Please consider a donation to Helping Hearts.  Donation Funds are used directly to care for our rescues.  As we are a 501(c)3, all donations are deductible as allowed by law.

DONATIONS CAN BE SENT TO:                       

Helping Hearts Equine Rescue

PO Box 342

Perrineville, NJ  08535

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Alone we can accomplish a little, together we can accomplish a lot for horses in need

We are registered with Guidestar 


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Helping Hears has been Awarded a 2020 Top-Rated Award by  Great Non-Profits.
This is a great honor, given that less than 10% of eligible non-profits have received this distinction.

  Why Wasn't I Your Forever Horse?  

Before you consider or think about adopting me, realize I am a FOREVER HORSE.
I am not an until you get bored or lose interest in me horse.
I am not an until your child goes off to college or finds boys instead horse.
I am not an until I get old horse.
I am not an until I get lame horse.
I am not an until you have to move horse.
I am not an until you get a new younger horse horse.
I am not an until you get pregnant horse.
If you cannot promise FOREVER, I am not your horse.
I have been through too much already.
 ~ Author Unknown


  View our Slideshow - The Faces of Equine Rescue:

~Thank You to the American Association of Equine Practitioners/Unwanted Horse Coalition for the donation of 10 doses of Equi-Rab  and Prestige V + WNV Vaccine towards our Spring, 2016  Shots.  

We are signed up with Ebay Giving Works!

Consign your unwanted items and name Helping Hearts to benefit from a portion of the proceeds of the sale.


We welcome the chance to conduct "meet and greet' tours of  our rescue to both groups and individuals. Please call or email to make an appointment.
We merely ask a $10/person minimum donation towards the horses.  


 We earn .25 cents for each Proof of Purchase snipped from your Triple Crown Feed Bags.

  Please collect and mail them to us:  Helping Hearts, PO Box 342, Perrineville, NJ  08535

In 2008, our "first official year", we directly pulled 21 horses to safety; we accomplished that with a donated 'budget' of less than $25,000.

In 2009, we directly took in  26 horses.  That does not count the dozens that have been saved from Camelot's kill pen by taking & circulating photos of the slaughter-bound to bring them to the attention of both rescues and private individuals. We've also helped place several for their owners before it became 'necessary' for them to hit the auction.  I think we've accomplished a lot so far with a minimal budget.  Your continued support is very much appreciated.

2010 - We took in 31 equines and have adopted out 30.  We maintain an average population of 14-16 horses these days under our direct care.  Your support is very much appreciated. 

2011 - We took in 21 horses and adopted out 22.   We humanely euthanized 2.   We are maintaining 6 permanent residents.  

2012 -  Our goal is to maintain an average population of 10-12 horses under our direct care.  We currently (May 1, 2012) have 15.  To date, we have taken in 7 equines, placed 6, and euthanized 2.  Please help us to help them.  

 Remember, Alone we can accomplish a little, Together we can accomplish a lot for a horse in need.


Announcing Three Specific  Funds for Horses:

The Mary Klink Fund:            Our local long-time animal control officer Mary Klink, who died suddenly in September, was devoted to animals all of her life. Friends of Mary have joined with two local animal rescue groups to establish programs in her memory. For the horses, Helping Hearts Equine Rescue, will use monies contributed to its Mary Klink Fund to save or care for rescued quarterhorses or Standardbreds, the breeds with which she was most involved.      


Helping Haffies Fund:   Co-Founder and President of Helping Hearts, Lisa Post, has had a soft-spot for Hafflinger ponies since Toby entered her life 10 years ago when Chestnut Ridge first opened its doors.  Toby was a down on his luck Haffie when purchased a decade ago but he soon became "professor emeritus" in Chestnut Ridge's lesson program.  He taught dozens of children and adults to ride.  Sadly, Toby was lost to an abdominal lipoma Aug. 3, 2009 at the age of 22.  Helping Haffies will honor the memory of this much-loved pony by savings other "hard-luck Haffies". Funds will be used to purchase and care for Haffies from KP or Feed Lot situations and veterinary care.  


Euthanasia Fund:   Most folks think of rescue as "SAVING" in capital letters:  Removing an animal from a bad situation and giving them a new life.  We do that as best we can.  Most of our rescues go on to live full, useful, loving lives with their new families/owners. But sometimes, 'saving' is not 'capital letters', but small letters.  Those are the individuals who wind up being too ill to recover;  or due to age/maintenance issues spend their remaining time on earth with us as permanent residents, OR those we take in specifically to ease their pain and suffering.  Whatever time they have left, we make sure they are loved and cared for.  And we ensure them a peaceful end in a loving setting, rather than enduring a horrific trip to a horrific ending in compromised physical condition.  Help us to ease the journeys of these needy horses - - it's the final act of dignity and respect.


June 14, 2009 - For Chris and My 23rd wedding anniversary. My Mom sent me an email 'unveiling' the following slideshow:   A friend of hers, Steven, worked for several weeks putting this photo montage together to celebrate our lives together --  specifically revolving around our 10 years here at Chestnut Ridge & our creation of Helping Hearts Equine Rescue.

Thanks MOM!!!  We Love you,

February 8, '09 ~Unknown to me, a friend of the family had been working on a Tribute to our beloved Oliver for months.  Today I was surprised to find the link in my emails.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do:

Oliver was pulled from a backyard on Oct. 4 '07. 30+/- yrs old, a victim of long-term starvation. He overcame the illnesses that complicated his recovery; he gained strength & weight; his strong character emerged. He was spoiled & loved. What Oliver wanted, Oliver got. He ruled the barn for nearly a year. ? On Aug. 21 '08, Oliver left us, surrounded by those who loved him. He finished his life with dignity & respect.



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