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ADOPTED~Jan 17, 2015 -- CONGRATS!!!  

Walle: 6 year old 14.3 hh Haflinger-cross gelding, foaled Aug 20, 2008. 

Walle has good basics and is waiting for the right home to bring him to his fullest potential. He has three nice gaits.  Prior to returning to HHER, he has been primarily ridden western pleasure so far, but has great potential for lower level dressage, hunter, pleasure, trail. Born to us in foster, Walle is healthy and sound. This great guy will only be adopted to someone who can conduct/continue his training to bring him to his fullest potential. 
Adoption Fee: $800










CASEY - ADOPTED!!!   12/10/14 - Casey has a Home for Christmas!!

  Casey - He's a fantastic project, a fun ride. We're working on softening his jaw and relaxing his topline. He's got nice basics, 3 good gaits. He does need some proper muscling over his topline, and more strength going to his right. Not a mean bone in his body, very sweet and willing. Great ground manners. Best suited for an intermed rider who can bring him to his full potential. He moves out so may be too much for a beginner or timid rider.

Casey is 16 yrs, 13.1 hh.

Adoption Fee: $500

 Casey arrived at HHER on 5/24/14, from Camelot. He is a 16 yr old (birth date June 6), 13.1 hh Welsh/Morgan cross Gelding. He initially had a tough abscess/gravel that erupted at the coronary band but he’s now quite fine. Casey has lovely ground manners –cross-ties, leads, well-behaved for bathing, grooming, farrier and vet. He’s an intermediate type ride.


Additional photos can be viewed in his solo-album -

Casey - Formerly #233, ran through Camelot on 5/7/14. He was removed from the available list due to lameness. HHER inquired about him and decided to take him in. The lameness appears to be a severe abscess coming out the top of his coronary band.

We have heard from his former owner. He is a Welsh/Morgan cross gelding. About 13.1 hh and turned 16 yrs old on June 6, 2014. He's an intermediate type ride, but does seem to be a been there/done that kind of guy.

ADOPTED!! ~~ Tristan -

Tristan – 9 yr old, 13.1 hh Welsh-Cob-cross.   

Tristan left on Nov 21, 2013 to see if being a therapeutic riding pony was his career path. Alas, after 2 1/2 months of training and work, he's still not comfortable with the mounting area/procedure and returned to us on Monday, 2/17.

From the director of the program: "We had taken Tristan in to see if he would enjoy the work: we found him to be very accepting of new things and loved getting groomed and gentle for treats.

We had minor issues at the mounting block (but our clients take a bit longer than most) and he was a bit too much for our clients to handle independently at the trot.

He would make an awesome mount for an intermed youth rider, he is looking for and seeking that one person to call his own and with that bond will make a remarkable partnership."

Tristan is a 9 yr old, 13.1 hh Welsh Cob or cross pony. Best suited for an intermediate rider with educated hands. He also appears to have driving experience, which may have been his "first career".

~Tristan under saddle, we're working on relaxation, he really wants to understand and please. His ground manners are impeccable -- he grooms, leads, cross-ties, gives hugs, tacks up like a champ. Under saddle he can be initially anxious about new things, but with some patient repetition, he "gets it", softens into the bridle and is wonderful. With a proper education he will be (already is) a fabulous riding partner. He's a fantastic student --- easy to teach and willing to learn once he knows what's expected. Tristan is a gem. In training, we are working Intro Level Dressage.

 Tristan under Saddle - Sept. 5 -


TRISTAN ~ formerly #777 of the 3/13/13 Camelot Group arrived "home" here at HHER on 3/16. Thank You to everyone who helped make it possible. Tristan's former owner stated post-sale that he has EPM. We fundraised for his purchase and the costs for his quarantine, EPM testing and treatment. Blood was pulled on 3/20 and he had a low positive result. We began treatment with Protazil on 4/1. Tristan did have a colic episode on 4/13 and we temporarily suspended treatment until he was better. The colic issue was protracted, we suspect he may have had a displaced colon which did resolve with care. Protazil treatment was resumed on 4/28, after the bloodwork showed that the colic was not related or a possible side effect to the treatment. He had been responding positively to the treatment so we were happy we could continue. Please consider a donation towards "Tristan". We've incurred a lot of heavy vet bills due to the EPM and the colic. NO amount is too small!! Paypal: [email protected] ** Mail: Helping Hearts, PO Box 342, Perrineville, NJ 08535.


5/25/13-Tristan is finished with his Protazil treatment this weekend and we no longer see any signs or movement when he walks/trots/canters of the EPM. I am quite optimistic that it's been a very successful treatment. He's proven to be quite the gentleman to handle, groom and tack. Yesterday was our first session in tack, and he was anxious, but we are slowly working to show him there is nothing to fear. I will work from the ground for a couple weeks before commencing under saddle work.


Video: Tristan Under Saddle - First Trot

 Video: Tristan Longeing with Tack on 6/8/13


Cammie ~ Cammie is a 17 yrs old, 16 hh mare.  Either a non-tattooed TB or Appendix QH. 

Adoption Fee:   $250

 Cammie in her first under saddle evaluation Nov 5:
Cammie is 17-18 yrs old, 16 hh, either a non-tattooed TB or Appendix QH.  Adoption Fee:   $250.

 She first arrived at our rescue with a filly by her side in 2010. Upon weaning of her baby, she was legged up under saddle and adopted out.

Cammie returned to us this past Oct. when her adopter started a college internship.

Cammie current under saddle evaluations indicate she's fairly green at 18 yrs, so is a training project. For the most part she was a pet at her previous adoptive home as her "mom" became very busy with school, as as states above, she was mostly a broodmare before that.

That said, she's quiet and attentive under saddle, just needs mileage in a regular work / exercise program.

She is also a lovely companion, and would do great with a non-aggressive buddy. In turnout, she is low in the hierarchy, so should not be turned out with aggressive herd-mates.

Cammie has very nice ground manners, cross-ties, is good for grooming and bathing. Interestingly, while she's quiet and laid back under saddle, while she leads and longes very well, she steps out on the longe or lead. So is best suited for a confident intermediate rider/handler, though she does nothing wrong.

  Cammie first arrived at HHER late spring 2010 with her filly Guin at her side. She had given birth to Guin at Camelot. Both lovely ladies were adopted out in spring, 2011. Sadly, life circumstances dictated that Cammie return to us on Oct. 3, 2013. 


8/2/14 -- ADOPTED!!! ~~ DALTON ~ Adoption Fee:   $250

Dalton is 13 hh and late teens. We've done some career counseling, and he has some serious burnout from probable lesson-hack pony type jobs. He's done his bit and he's ready for a new career path. He's ready to find a job as a lovely companion / occasional pony ride-hack inside a ring kind of guy. Gets along well with other horses. Is mid to low on the pecking order, but doesn't need to be bullied or have to defend himself against more aggressive horses. Adoption Fee: $250.




  Dalton's Photo Album:

 Schooling with Hayley - 11/16/13

And a few canter strides - 11/16/13

Video schooling on 10/8/13

  Dalton -Arrived 8/12/13 as an owner relinquishment.  He's 13 hh and approx. 16-17yrs. 
He was purchased for pony rides, but I'm told he'd plant his feet and not move. Hehehe-smart pony.....
 He arrived with a skin funk, and was treated with Greseofulvin. an oral anti-fungal medication.

As usual, we'd love donations and sponsorships to help cover the cost of Dalton's care and rehab. Paypal: [email protected]

 Dalton - Aug 29. He's been dewormed, had his teeth floated, his hooves trimmed and he's gained some weight. He's also been taking a refresher course in good ground manners -- someone let him get away with a lot -- but he's essentially a good guy who needs to know his boundaries.

ADOPTED 5/10/14!!! ~

Holly is a 10.1 hh, 16-17’ish year old pony girl.   Adoption fee:  $200

Holly arrived a very fearful and distrustful little girl, always waiting for "the shoe to drop". She's made great strides in learning to trust us and while she's made incredible progress -- whinneying when she hears me coming, allowing me to touch her in many of her 'scarey places', becoming easier to approach and catch -- I think we're at the point that she would really excell in a one-on-one situation in a loving home rather than being one of the many.

We'd love to find Miss Holly her own loving home. She's low on the pecking order but is very willing to make friends out in the field. We've not yet evaluated her for riding or pony rides, as we like to give our rescues plenty of time to come around.





 #462 - Bay Mare, approx. 30". Aged. a little grumpy in the pen but warmed up with some treats, said to ride and drive, pony was led in, then a rider hopped on in the ring, pony tensed up, was a little hoppy, not bucking, possibly due to the rider being too heavy for her comfort. $200.

Total w/fees and tax $335.50


 ADOPTED 5/10/14!! ~ Miss RoseShe is 11.2 hh, approx 17 yrs old. Adoption Fee: $360. She's a lovely companion, in the herd hierarchy, she is in the middle of the pack. We will be seeing if she will pony a child. Formerly Camelot #432 from 6/16/13, she arrived needing rudimentary hoof care to correct overgrown heels and contracted tendons. She initially tested positive for pregnancy, but did slip the foal. She's now ready for a home of her own.


And she has a sense of humor --











DOLLY ADOPTED!!  Feb 3, 2014. 



 11/20:   #57, now known as Dolly, is coming to HHER after QT - 
#57 5 yr old chestnut pony mare 8hds ± $250.00 quiet in the pen led thru the ring quietly at a walk.  Size correction:  9.3 hh

Winnie Adopted January 17, 2014!!!

Winnie -Nov 4 - Got in from fall vaccines this a.m. and found this message from Kelly Conner of Charming Acres Rescue "Please call me asap". Kelly was calling from New Holland. This aged, foundering, cushingoid pony mare was running through soon. Kelly was looking for a soft landing for her. We'll have room for her in our QT area once Royce & Zephyr leave for their new home in a couple weeks. Calls and arrangements were made. Kelly successfully bid on this girl, and transported her to her holding/QT barn. Winnie is a little girl, only about 11 hh. She's snuggly tucked in tonite. Blood has been pulled for full blood panels, including ACTH for Cushings. X-Rays will be taken tomorrow or the next day. We'll get treatment started now.

 11/8/13 Update: Winnie's x-rays were done yesterday, The vet said that she seems to be chronically foundered, rather than her suffering from an acute bout. I've post the x-rays of all 4 of her feet. She has significant coffin bone rotation in all 4. The vet has made an appt with Daisy Alexis Bicking for next Weds to have her trimmed to work on alignment to get her as comfortable as possible. As can be seen from the x-rays, although Winnie has A LOT of rotation, she also has a lot of sole, heel and toe to work with. He also said the bottoms of her feet show signs that they were recently hacksawed to remove excessive growth, most likely so she could be sent to auction.
Her blood work came back --- her chem panel was normal except for slightly elevated muscle enzymes, thyroid is borderline normal. Her ACTH levels are also elevated, confirming the Cushings.  

Nov 20, 2013, And Winnie is HOME!!


Nov 20, 2013 - Winnie is home and tucked in for the night. A sweet girl who seeks out human interaction. .
She IS a bit unsettled this evening, but will be more relaxed in a day or two I'm sure.
She, like Muffin, is on Pergolide so we may be on a Pergolide/Prascend beg-athon very shortly.
We brought a check to pay her $680 vet bill for blood work, X-rays and board; and came home with another $301 in bills for a trace clip and a dental. Donations toward these last 2 would be greatly appreciated.

  Video of  Winnie upon arrival at HHER - moving MUCH more comfortably after her hoof-work than she was on 11/4


 Muffin ~ ADOPTED DECE. 28, 2013!!!

 October 26, 2013:  Muffin arrived today. She's a 14 yr old small pony/Shetland pony surrendered to HHER on 10/17 due to laminitis issues. Muffin was examined by a vet and Daisy Bicking at Daisy Haven Farm to ascertain the extent of the issue and to begin corrective trimming. She spent the last 9 days under Daisy's excellent care until being picked up and brought "home" by Denise Gonsiewski. I want to extend a Humongous THANK YOU to Denise for volunteering her time and effort to pick up Muffin for us.
And of course, a HUGE THANK YOU to Daisy for donating her time and skill to give this little Lady a new beginning. 
Muffin will be available for adoption once we are satisfied that she ready. Welcome Muffin!!


We received Muffin's bloodwork results today. 
Our little lady's ACTH baseline is 224. The normal range is 0 - 25. Her insulin is at 80.00; the normal range is 10-40. This indicates that Muffin is Cushingoid/Insulin Resistant. Sooo, we started her on Pergolide and her diet will be even more restricted than it was when she was "just" laminitic. We'll be searching for some tasty treats for her to snack on that are safe for her to eat. I'm told that she CAN have raw peanuts in the shell, probably available at our feed store, since they carry bird feed. I'll call them in the a.m. If they have them, I'll add them to our feed order. Please consider sponsoring Muffin or making a donation towards her meds and care.





ROYCE - ADOPTED NOV 16, 2013!!!!

Royce is the 2 yr old son of Jetta, 14 hh QH pony mare. The pair were #746 fr. 10/16/11 at Camelot.

*Royce's latest measurements (7/27/13)- 13.2 1/2 hh at the wither and a solid 14.1 hh at the croup. So I expect him to reach at least 14.1 hh, possibly 14.2--14.3 hh at maturity..
(on 2/14/13, he was 13.2 h/wither and 14 hh/croup. on 6/22/12, he was 12.3 hh/wither and 13.1 hh/croup)

He is a very handsome young gentleman AND a gorgeous mover (check the videos!). We expect him to mature to large pony size. He is gelded and ready for a loving home. He arrived unhandled and has made great strides, can still be shy though, so still needs a gentle, patient approach. Adoption Fee: $500

Videos from Jan. 24, 2013 --Royce & Zephyr ---





  January 23, 2012 -- Jetta and her son Royce -formerly #746 from Camelot 10/16/11 arrived today. While someone purchased them out of Camelot, due to a change in personal circumstances, they could not keep them.  

Upon Arrival Today: 
Ok. They're settled in. Junior is not currently used to being handled. Followed Mom off the trailer - no halter. Ida told me he was pettable at the sale in Oct, so he'll hopefully calm down quickly. We let them settle in a paddock for a while, once we got them in a stall we got a halter on Junior. (Is pony wrestling an Olympic sport?). He needs his feet done pronto so that the incorrect angles don't influence his leg development. Good trims will correct any deviations that may have begun to occur. 


 ADOPTED!!!  Nov 16, 2013 ~~ ZEPHYR (born March 6, 2011 to Tempest here at Helping Hearts)

  Adoption Fee - $500 


Gelded November 7, 2011.
Zephyr is a really sweet, easy to get along with little guy.
While not bomb-proof (remember, he's only 1 yr old!), he's got a been-there, done-that personality that will make him a Fabulous kids' pony. 

I suspect that he will mature to around 13.2'ish hh. Mom was 11.2 and he's already taller than that. No idea who or what Daddy was.

Zeph's adoption fee is $500 







Like all of our youngsters, he's available to a home with 3 years current horse experience.
(Zephyr ran thru Camelot "en utero" on 1/26/11, Tempest, his Mom was #975



   Almost as BIG as Mom at 6 months!

Zephyr's One-Month Old Baby Album ---

"Zephyr's" First outing ~

IT'S A BOY!!   March 6, 2011 -- We've been on baby-watch for 2 weeks!  Came home from running out for some dinner and there he was!! Less than an hour old. He's a beautiful liver chestnut, no white, but does have one hind white hoof. Very long legs -- tall. A beautiful baby-boy.


March 6 --- Tempest's Belly is HUUGGGGEE!!  She's waxing up, and we're on a 'any day, any moment' watch. . . .





Beau:  Oct 19, 2013:  Transferred to Rain Hill Equine Facility in Bowling Green, KY. Rain Hill specializes in blind and sight impaired horses.   THANK YOU to hubby Chris and friend Jim for spending their weekend transporting Beau to his new home. 

# 526 14 yr old 14.2+/- hd gelding $300.00, quiet in the pen cloudy in both eyes.  Nothing seemed to phase him. He seems to be able to see shadows up close. When being ridden thru the ring he rode quietly at a walk cautiously when approaching a wall or an object he stopped to check it out  and then walked on, had his ears forward the whole time listening to his surroundings. Good horse who deserves a loving home

He will be known as Beau, formerly #526.  We will bring him in for care and QT, get him up to date on all medicals and vet exams, and then transfer him to a sanctuary specializing in blind horses. Please help us help him. We need to raise $1,600 to cover his purchase, QT, Dental, vaccines, and then transport to his sanctuary in KY.  THANK YOU TO ALL OF OUR GENEROUS DONORS!!!





 Oct 10:  We've been treating Beau's left eye for a uveitis flare up since his arrival. Despite topical meds and Bute, the cloudiness increased and his minimal vision in that 'good' eye was decreasing. The appointment was made and this afternoon Beau received an intraocular injection of Vetalog, which will hopefully shut down the process.

We've had great success with this treatment with Babe (many years ago), Radar and Destiny. Worst case scenario we may have to repeat the injection to fully resolve the flare up. Sadly, we'll just have to wait and see if he regains any of the minimal vision he was exhibiting upon arrival.



COLBY ~ ADOPTED 9/2/13!!  Congratulations Colby & Kelly!!!

Aug 24, 2013:  Colby is a 4 yr old (foaled 6/14/09), 16.2 hh and still growing OTTB who came to HHER end of May.  Until the last month, he's just been hanging out being a horse since his arrival. We've put quite a bit of weight on him, nearly cleared his heinous rain-rot and now we're listing him as available. For the past month, we've been putting some groundwork on him -- teaching him to longe, walking him around the farm to broaden his horizons, teaching him to cross-tie. He loves attention, LOVES baths, LOVES grooming. He needs an experienced owner who can sensibly take over and conduct his education to teach him to be a riding/show horse and not a racehorse. 

WE think he's a nice hunter-jumper prospect, and I"m happy to report that (8/12/13) xrays of his front fetlocks show that there is no corruption of the joints to preclude that career path! We anticipate his adoption fee to be $500.



















 Video longeing - Aug. 15, 2013 --

Sarah K. Andrew's blog about Colby - 

Colby's only vice is weaving, which he exhibits when he's anxious over feeding time or is waiting to come in to be fed. It has diminished while he's been here and I think with time spent in an anxiety-free environment it will continue to do so.



 Chanel ~ ADOPTED!!!   Aug. 16, 2013  

  Chanel was surrendered to us on January 8, 2013 with Coco.  This pair of Mini/shetland pony mares ran thru Camelot on Nov. 14, 2012 and were surrendered by their purchaser.   Chanel was thought in foal but was proven not to be via recent labwork.  We are working with Chanel to get her over her fears -- she's fearful of hands, quick movements, brushes, etc. She shows every sign of having been manhandled and abused to some extent. BUT, she's sweet, loves treats, loves to whinny to people to say Hi and ask for treats.

 Chanel is a 5/6 yr old Miniature horse, approx 38 +/-" at the wither. We initially thought she was pregnant, had been verified pregnant by the original purchaser's vet, however, lab tested bloodwork confirmed her NOT pregnant on 5/14, so she is now available for adoption.

 She is up to date on dental (Feb 10, 2013), spring vaccinations, dewormings, farriery, etc.



THOR - ADOPTED JUNE 14, 2013!!

THOR ~ May 15, 2013. Thor is an owner relinquishment.  We knew we could intake as Shiloh had an adoption pending.   YAY!  Thor is a 16.1 hh, 16 yr old Tenn Walking Horse.  He'll be available one we evaluate him for temperament, training and what level of rider he would be suitable for.   Welcome Thor!!







 ADOPTED MAY 18, 2013!!! ~ SHILOH ~ New Video of 5/2/13 schooling session:

SHILOH - 8 yr old, 14.3 hh unregistered, red dun QH. - Adoption fee -$725.00.

~On the longe - 4/2/13:

 Shiloh is in 2-3/times week training (schedule permitting) with a US Dressage Federation Associate Instructor until he is placed.

 April 4 - Shiloh & I did our initial evaluation ride today. Wow. What a pleasant reminder. What a nice boy. A pleasure to spend time with and ride. He had a bit of a dressage tune-up--rounded up, remembered his leg yields, still 3 nice gaits. After some ring work we took a stroll thru the woods. Still lots of debris from the storms. He went over and around everything no problem. He's a super nice all around guy.


 ~Shiloh first came to us in Jan, 2010, a Camelot Graduate. He is returning to us due to change in family circumstance. For the past year+, he's been trail riding, is now a pro at trailering out to rides and has even done a couple of overnighters. This photo is from the NJ Horse Council Ride for the Rescues that took place last Sept., 2012. His Adopter's caveat is that he will chase dogs that enter his field. Oh, and when cantering in company out on the trail, he can get excited and strong. He's currrently not been in work since the fall.

~Shiloh is a wonderful horse, has three nice gaits. He has a wonderful lope-y canter and steps out at the trot. Lovely ground manners. He's best suited to an intermediate rider due to his youth and forward movement. Potential: Pleasure, trail, low-level dressage.


  BOB'S ADOPTED!!  5/5/13 -

 Bob is ready to Rock n' Roll!
3/26:  He's back up to weight, His teeth were floated today, so we're ready to get him back into work and get him muscled up again. 

Looking for a serious, permanent adoptive home. 
Adoption fee is $250.00

Bob is a 14.2 hh, 22 yr old QH Pony. Bob is sound, but does have a mild sway-back, so will do best with a light-weight rider for pleasure/trail/recreational riding. Suitable for Advanced Beginner+ skills. The Caveat: The advanced beginner MUST be a confident rider or there must be a confident/skilled rider to keep Bob tuned up for his beginner rider. He's a wonderful horse, I've used him for kids' lessons and he's a champ, but he does have a couple 'old lesson horse evasion' tactics up his sleeve. Nothing bad, but he'll test. Balance that out that he's a total lovebug and loves attention, and you've got a great horse. 

Bob originally arrived June 27, 2011 -- An owner relinquishment. Much-loved, Mom's finances would not allow her to keep Bob.

Video Under Saddle:



Coco ~  18 yr old miniature horse mare.   Adoption Fee:  $325 -

 Coco arrived January 8, 2013 with Chanel, as an owner relinquishment.   The girls ran thru Camelot on 11/14/12.      Coco is available.   Her teeth have been floated, her feet trimmed, she's settled in and ready for a loving home. Chanel has been confirmed in foal and will not be available for adoption until the baby is born, raised and weaned. Initially we planned on keeping the girls together, however, Chanel needs a lot more one-on-one handling to resolve fear issues, and her nervousness wasn't helping Coco.   After ascertaining that the girls are not that attached to each other, we feel it's in Coco's best interest to find her forever home now.  

















WALTER ~ADOPTED!!!!  April 20, 2013 -- Walter will be going "home" very shortly!! Woo-Hoooo!!

 Walter is a 18-19 yr old Tenn Walker/Quartet Horse cross gelding, 14.3 hh. Walter's is a laid back guy that's happy to hack out and go for trial rides. His gaits are the walk and what I call an 'amble', if pushed, he'll pick up a semblance of a running walk, but we don't push him that hard too often. ;). Walter is advanced-beginner-friendly, is very outgoing and sweet. Adoption Fee: $400.00

 Check out his videos:

 Sarah K. Andrew's Blog about Walter:


Walter came to HHER in Oct, 2011 and has been working in the Chestnut Ridge lesson program since last summer. Now he's ready for a loving forever home.

Walter's original photo album:


ADOPTED!!! Feb 12, 2013  ~~ Marley - 7 yr old Pony- Mule


Marley ~Out of Quarantine.  Marley is only halter-broken. We are working on building his confidence right now.   He's a sweet guy, likes people, but can just be a bit unsure.  His adoption fee is $500.

 June 13, 2012 - - Last Weds a.m. we received a phone call from Laura Harmour of Surrey, UK!! She wanted to save the hinny/mule (he IS a mule and not a hinny as initially reported) that had been sitting at the Camelot Feed Lot for the week and asked if we had room to intake. As luck would have it, we had a private horse leaving our QT area on Friday and so DID have room for this young man. Laura bailed him and we picked him up on Friday.

 MarleyPortraitMeet "Marley". He is a 6 yr old, 13.-13.3 hh mule john (gelding). He is very sweet, though still a bit worried. I'm sure his world has been turned upside down. Once he is finished with quarantine and we ascertain his training/skills, he will be available for adoption.

Jane Meggitt, an owner of The Source, , a local online publication in central NJ did an email interview of Laura for an article for her site. This is what Laura said:

I really bought the hinny in order to bring a little hope back into his life.

I live in England and I love horse racing.

On Saturday 2 June I went to the Epsom Derby, which was won by the fantastic Irish horse called Camelot. The next day I did a bit of 'Googling' to find out where

Camelot was running next, because I live near Sandown Park racecourse and I was wondering if he would run there this summer.

Anyway, I found the 'Camelot Horse Weekly' website as well. I was overwhelmed by what I saw, the efforts of people to save the horses, it was incredibly moving. Suddenly pretty much all I was thinking about was the fate of the horses. There was something in particular about a small white hinny, which was priced at $225, that started to bother me a great deal. It was his expression of no expectation, that nothing good would ever happen to him. I couldn't get this out of my mind. I thought how sad it was not to have any hope of anything good from humans.

I saw that no one was buying him and I began to get more and more worried.

On Tuesday 5 June, I woke up and thought 'I have to save the hinny'! But I didn't know where to start. I was in England, he was in New Jersey,

I didn't know what I was doing. I didn't even know the dollar/sterling conversion rate. I began to frantically research, and I thought, if I buy him, perhaps a rescue organisation can home him. I tried to contact Camelot Horse Weekly but due to my technical ineptness I didn't get very far.

I was up nearly all Tuesday night researching into New Jersey rescue organisations.

I found Helping Hearts Equine Rescue's website and on Wednesday morning I rang them, asking if they could help me get the hinny. It was a lucky phone call. Lisa Post was fantastic and said that she had a space on her transporter and if I bailed the hinny, she would collect him on Saturday. I was really so happy that she could help, I was crying after I got off the phone. I felt this was one of the happiest experiences I'd ever had.

I bailed the hinny. And Lisa picked him up. And Frank didn't charge me board.

Bringing hope back to hinnies!!

best wishes

Laura Harmour


ADOPTED FEB. 20, 2013- FINSTER - 8 yr old Shetland Pony gelding.   

Our little Finster loves to interact with people. Always comes up to the fence to say Hello and looks for attention. NOT suitable for small or timid children though as he IS pushy. As a companion, he is best suited as a companion for DRAFTS --- not kidding, we've tried him with several horses, he's THAT pushy. He's actually a great "mini-me" for Bruce, but would be a nice side-kick for any big guy, I think. AND I'm told he drives. We are planning on getting him into some sort of work (Longeing, long-lining), but in the meanwhile, that's the scoop on our little man. Oh, he's 8 yrs old, and +/- 40" tall (Photo Credit: Mark Howell)

Finster with his new big brother Tucker


  Finster - March 6 -Our New Naughty Pony. After watching and experiencing him for the day, the name most suited for him is Finster. As in Baby Faced Finster from the old Bugs Bunny cartoons. He's a holy terror. After I decided NOT to put him out with my minis and put him in general population, he entered the field of 8 and strutted his stuff like he owned the place. The horses all avoided him and backed away. Only Tonka would play with him, and it looked a lot like Football take-downs -- over, and over, and over. Everyone else huddled away from him. After Eli pulled the blood for the hormone/testosterone test, I decided to put him in the Big Boy Field, consisting mainly of the drafts, the 2 donks and my 2 retirees. He STARTED altercations with Bishop, Tucker and Burke, who is now bent on Finster's destruction. Of course, my retired Wyatt is protecting him from the mob of Percherons who want to see him sleeping with the fishes. Poor old Dutchman just wanted OUT. So, I will say, that a lot of the Bravado is worn down. He looks a bit humble. I am afraid to leave him out there tonite with the Drafts and Donks, you can tell by the looks in their eyes that they are biding their time until Wyatt goes in for the night and they can be alone with him. . . . He’ll be out by himself.  As for me, I'm exhausted

March 16 - Testosterone level test shows he's NOT a stallion, just a very naughty boy!!

 Jan 12, 2013 - Walle needed to be rehomed and found a new home with Colleen S:

 Walle is a 4 yr old (8/20/2008) Palomino Draft Cross (QH-Haffie/Belgian). He is about 15h and looking more Belgian every day. He has extensive Parelli ground training. He has been started under saddle with a snaffle. He is an eager, willing learner. You can ride him bareback in a halter. He is calm to lead and will pony my 5yr old politely. He is good for farrier and vet. Loads, bathes, ties. He backs down to dominant geldings but pushes my mare around quite a bit. He currently has a run-in and does not like to be stalled. Up-to-date on all vaccines and current Coggins. He is a big snuggly teddy bear. However, he is aware of his size and will take advantage of a timid handler. He is an easy keeper with no health issues.


 ADOPTED 12/12/12!!  NASH -2 yr old. TB Gelding -- $500 Adoption Fee

   Nash, growing up. 2 yr old TB geld. His damaged, blind left eye was removed in January, 2012. He's doing great, is gorgeous and sweet. I expect him to mature to about 15.2 hh. $500 adoption fee

Nash is a coming 2 yr old TB gelding. He ran thru Camelot at his dam's side Sept 1, 2010 and was rescued by a now-defunct organization. When his adoptive owner could no longer keep him, HHER took him in. Raush is "special" in that he only has one functional eye. Which DOES NOT slow him down at all. He's a lovely boy, nice manners, and is a HECK of a mover. I think he's a lovely dressage prospect. While I'd like to have his eye cleaned up prior to adoption, arrangements can be made regarding having it done post-Adoption as well.

June 6, 2011 - Go Nash, Go!!  
Nash (Raush) ran thru Camelot on Sept. 1 at his dam Clever's side. He was purchased from the Feed Lot and subsequently adopted by Nancy. Due to a change in circumstances, Nancy could no longer keep Raush and HHER took him in on June 1. He's currently staying at a friend's for the summer.


  Nash's full photo album can be viewed at:

Nash ran thru Camelot on Sept. 1, 2010 blind in his left eye. We had our vet examine the eye upon arrival with HHER on 6/1. While the orb is defunct, he did have a touch of conjunctivitis, which we began treating. We are consulting with a veterinary opthamologist regarding the best course of action for the eye. We are considering enucleation of the eye and insertion of a prosthetic at a later date.  Stay tuned for info and fundraising for the surgery.

Photo 1 - June 1, 2010            Photo 2 - June 20, after treatment.     Photo 3 - Post-Op



ADOPTED!! ~ Dec. 5, 2012) Hudson~ 3 yr old unstarted TB, soon to be gelding. 

Hudson is being gelded on 10/3 - next week.  We would love to start entertaining adoption offers.  He's 3 yrs old, once the surgical site is healed, he'd love to have a home lined up to go to. He's big, sound and handsome.

Adoption Fee: $750








 Hudson is a 3 yr old TB colt, not yet gelded. He was the subject of a NJSPCA investigation in which he was surrendered to the deparrment. Hudson has been receiving suitable nutrition and care for the past 4 weeks. Deemed strong enough to travel, he was transferred to the ownership of HHER on Friday (7/

27). We picked him up this a.m. He is much improved from his original condition, but still has a long way to go. He'll be receiving 4 meals a day and free choice hay. Once he's a bit stronger, he will have a dental (he's not wadding) and when recovered he will be gelded and then made available for adoption.Sponsors and donors towards Hudson's recovery and care would be greatly appreciated.Paypal- [email protected]l: Helping Hearts, PO Box 342, Perrineville, NJ 08535



 ADOPTED!!! ~Gypsy - was purchased out of the Camelot Feed Lot on Aug. 11, 2012.  She is said to be in foal.. . .(Confirmed NOT in foal)









 #421-- Mini Black Pinto Mare. Age: 19. Height: 7.1 hands. Price: $375. Friendly & patient in the pen, led through quietly at a walk & trot. Comes with a copy of her papers & contact info for the seller if you wish to get her papers.

 Total Cost With Fees: $528.00

Notes: This little mare is extremely cute. In the pen she was quiet, friendly and tolerant of the hordes of children who were in the pony pen going from one mini to the next. She was actually far more interested in the alfalfa than she was in what the children were doing. In the ring she was led through at a walk and trot and appeared to be extremely willing. This mare is registered but only comes with a copy of her papers. It was announced that the seller attached a business card to the papers and can be contacted to get the actual papers.


 ADOPTED!! October 12, 2012 -- To a wonderful home.

Bella IS bred-back. When the foal is born next year, he/she too, will be placed under his/her own Adoption Contract.  

 Bella (mom) & Dakota  Sioux (filly) -

 9/28/12 -YAY!! ADOPTION PENDING TO A FANTASTIC HOME!! Bella and Dakota's foster-famly have fallen in love with this pair and have requested to adopt.. Both will be placed under individual Adoption Contracts and any pending foal (Bella was exposed to a mini-donk stud, sigh.) will also be placed under HHER Adoption Contract. 

9/24/12 - Finally home. I made an emergency run this a.m to pick up this mini mom and her filly, who is approx 7-8 weeks old. 
Momma was purchased at New Holland on 7/16/12. The buyer did not notice during the sale that the mare has a damaged right hind hoof. Once noticed, she didn't want to keep her, but it was thought that she intended to keep the foal. Yesterday I received a call from Judye Michaels that the pair were being sent to New Holland today. A flurry of calls and emails commenced and arrangements finalized. I went down, bought the pair and they are now settling in at their temp foster home. (Thank You again Kathy L!!!).

Baby girl Dakota (named by Kathy's granddaughter Amanda) had a snotty nose and cough. A vet will be examining her this afternoon.

Momma's hoof is overly long and growing at a twisted angle. The hoof will be looked at by a farrier on Friday. It's most likely a congentative birth defect that could have been corrected when she was a foal.  Now she's 11, but moves fine on it.  A proper trim will work wonders.

And that's the scoop. Thank You to Judye Michaels for her tireless efforts and legwork to pull it all together. HHER paid $450 to keep them from going to NH. I'm disgusted that anyone would run a little baby thru that sale, never mind a SICK baby. I'll keep my more vulgar opinions to myself.



JETTA ~ ADOPTED!!  As a therapy pony at Riding High Farm.  

Jetta is a 5 yr old, 14 hh Quarter Horse Pony. Due to an injury to her right hind navicular bone, she is sound for very light riding.  We are looking to adopt her out as a companion/pony-the-kids-around horse.   She is currently learning how to carry a rider. We start out slow, laying over her back, putting weight in the stirrup and then being led around with the rider laying over her back. Rider up: Hayley Giannella.

Adoption Fee:   $150.  






 ADOPTED!! 7/29/12 ~ Seamus, 3 yr old unraced TB gelding. #80 from Camelot 3/14/12. He is sweet and easy to handle. We expect him to mature to 15.2 hh +/- (is 14.2 1/2hh on 6/22/12)
$600 adoption fee. Ready to start training for a job!







 Rain - Special needs pony placed in "permanent-foster" June 6, 2012. 

May 14, 2012 - YAY!!! Grayson and Sam have gone to their new Adoptive Home!!

They'll be staying local. They were gelded last Thursday.

Sun, April 29, 2012~ Grayson and Sam are 4 and 1 yr old mini-donk Jacks. They are scheduled to be gelded on Thursday and will then be available thru Helping Hearts. They are bonded "like Velcro" and do we'd like to adopt them out together. The Adoption fee for both boys will probably be $425.
(These boys are the CL donks that I posted on my page yesterday. Thank You Wendy for going out, cecking them out, making arrangements to pick them up, house and geld them!!!!)




6 yr old, 14.3 hh unregistered, red dun QH. - Adoption fee -$650.00Shiloh is a wonderful horse, has three nice gaits.  He has a wonderful lope-y canter and steps out at the trot.  Lovely ground manners.  He is best suited to an intermediate rider.   Potential:  Pleasure, trail, low-level dressage.  

 He's from the Nov. 24, 2009 Camelot Sale. He was purchased privately, but turned out to be too green for his novice rider. He was relinquished to HHER in January, 2010, was adopted out a few months later and came back this fall.   he's been in training at HHER since his return and is doing super, working 2 or 3 days/week. He loves to trail ride, has nice gaits.

Video of Shiloh Under Saddle


  April, 2012 --- Walter has joined the teaching staff at Chestnut Ridge Equestrian Center!!

Check out Walter! He's Famous!!
Walter's Adoption Fee is $300.00
Here is a recent video of Walter under saddle:
WELCOME WALTER! ~October 6, 2011

 I was contacted by our ACO on Weds., Oct 5. This horse had been found wandering the road about 5 miles from our facility the week before. His 6 day holding period was up, no-one had claimed him. Could we help him? Of course we could. I picked him up the next day. Boots, who was housing him for the municipality, remarked that he'd already gained weight, was a good guy/ sweet horse. She informed that he came in clean, no grung, dirt, scabs, debris in the mane or tail. He'd obviously been cared for other than lack of groceries and his feet being chipped up. He's a sweetie, very outgoing, definitely has a spring in his step. We're aging him at between 18-20 yrs. 

  Walter is a beneficiary of our Mary Klink Memorial Fund.



ADOPTED!!! _ April 4, 2012.   YAY Kathy and Georgia!!  

  Georgia ~ February 2, 2012.  We were contacted by the Atlantic County SPCA, asking if we had room to intake a neglect case or 2 OR 3.  We had room to take one in.   We took in the worst case of the 3 horses in question, and helped find intake for the remaining two.   

 Georgia was who we came home with.  She's a 12 yr old Quarter Horse mare. Very sweet. Loaded and trailered like a champ. I'm told she rides well, has done trails and team penning. All she needs to do for a while is gain weight and get strong.



Jethro - ADOPTED Jan 2, 2012!!  


Meet Jethro. He is a 5 yr old, 18 hh purebred Percheron Gelding. A good friend told me about him in the spring. He was gorgeous and I had to have him! Jethro joined my "private collection" in July. As I should have suspected, I wildly over-estimated my spare time for a personal project. Sooo, after much soul-searching, I've come to the conclusion that he will be better off with a Mom or Dad who has TIME to spend on him. Jethro is a blank slate -he is halter broken, and that is all. He has a lovely personality and will be a fantastic, fun project for someone. he has 3 nice gaits, he'll be really nice under saddle. His feet are much better than in this photo- we've been working on them.

His previous owner saved him as a weanling. His breeder planned to destroy him as he had too much white to be registerable with the Percheron registry. They took him in and treated him well. When funds got tight, they began looking at options for him and I was contacted. 

Jethro's adoption fee is $800 --he is young, healthy, sound, with no issues other than needing time put into him.

 Laila is a 14 hh, 4 yr old pony mare who may be partially gaited. She has 3 good gaits - walk, trot, canter, and has shown a little "extra" a couple of times. . She looks possibly Kentucky Mountain Horse or Rocky Mountain Horse - X.

She was run thru Camelot on 4/6/11 as a "Loose Horse". She arrived at HHER unhandled. She's super now but should have a couple more months of ground work before saddle work commences. She's sweet and attentive, a 'blank slate' for your future trail/pleasure/pal/competitive​ trail partner.

She's up to date on vaccines, dental, deworming, farriery. We have confirmed that she IS NOT pregnant. At this time she is available to a special home that is able and willing to put the ground work into her and bring her along as she needs. Current Adoption Fee is $300.00

April 9,2011 ---- We fundraised for her and purchased this baby out of the Feed Lot.  She's been QT'd off-site for a couple weeks and will be coming home in a few days.  
Camelot, April 6:  #151 Chestnut filly. 12H and yearling. Very sweet and is halter broke. Ran through loose.
 She can do Yoga!!



ARCHIE ~ ADOPTED DEC. 10, 2011 - Thank You & Congratulations Tiffany R.


 Nov. 8, '11 update: Archie is doing wonderfully. Under saddle he is proving to be a pleasure/trail type. I don't see him as a "competitive dynamo", he's just a nice, big, "bop-around" guy -- check out his video from yesterday --- -- first time being ridden outside here by the way. 

Archie is currently, like 98% sound, he's uneven in his right front. His right fetlock is a bit larger than the left, along with having a wire-cut-scar on it. Despite that, our vet feels that most , if not all, of it is the condition of his feet growing out -- they were horrendous when he arrived and he had a history of terrible hoof abcesses in his previous home, obviously due to less-than-standard-care. He has been improving as his feet have grown out. he was quite sore in August, now you can just see a slight hitch in the video. And I think he'll benefit from shoes in front, once he has the hoof-wall to nail them into. 

Archie is ready for a home. I think he's definitely a "duckling to swan" type of guy, and while I would love to complete the transformation here, and we will if no-one comes forward, we'd love to get him placed into a loving home sooner than later. 

Archie is 5 yrs old, and 16.2 hh. He's been "Archie" since he was a foal. Research done on his lip tattoo revealed that his JC name is Formipelis, by Waquoit, out of Mysterious Ways. “Archie” was unsuccessful as a racehorse, he only had one start, winning a mere $175. One start is not a bad thing. I remember his breeder saying he was so big, he couldn't get out of his own way. ;) 

He ran thru Camelot Sales in February, 2010, as a 4 yr old OTTB Geld. His breeder was contacted and purch'd him out of the Feed Lot and asked if we would assist in placing him. We listed him on our Courtesy Page and when what we all thougth was a competent home was found, he was placed under an HHER Contract. In Feb., 2011, Blue Star Equiculture contacted us to advise of Archie's condition. After 4 months of inquiry, investigation and involvement of the Mass SPCA, the owner FINALLY allowed us to regain custody of Archie withouth a court battle. Katie of Scarlet Rose Farm Eq. Rescue offered to pick him up for the first leg of his journey "home" to NJ. Murphy's Law of Horses said that Archie would colic the day before pickup, but we obtained veterinary care and he was able to make that trip home. Now he is a healthy, playful 5 yr old TB. 

Adoption Fee: $550.

 Archie in Feb., 2010
 Archie upon his return from his Adoptive Home:


BOB~ ADOPTED!!  Nov. 18, 2011 -- Good Luck Bob & Emma!

BOB  - Arrived June 27, 2011 -- An owner relinquishment.  Much-loved, Mom's finances would not allow her to keep Bob.   Bob is a 14.2 hh, 20 yr old QH Pony. He's been legged back up under saddle (mom was letting him be a pasture-puff), and he's being hacked out weekly by 14 yr old Hayley G and he's now working in Chestnut Ridge's lesson-program a bit too.  Bob is sound, but does have a bit of a sway-back, so will do best with a light-weight rider for pleasure/recreational riding.  He leadline's little ones around like a charm but is also suitable for Advanced Beginners on up too.
Adoption Fee:  $250
 Videos Under Saddle:




MACK - - Nov. 21, 2011 -- TRANSFERRED to Central Virginia Horse Rescue as a Sanctuary/Therapy Horse. 
AVAILABLE COMPANION ONLY. Neurological behind,
November 5, 2010 - - Big, Sweet, adorable Draft is now SAFE.
June 6, 2011- Mack has improved a bit, gaining a bit of weight and bit less wobbly.   He's a cheerful sort who is extremely giving, though he still needs to know he is safe.   

March 1 ~  Mack has completed his treatment with Doxycycline with no real improvement.  His bloodwork for possible EPM came back negative. 

Our Prognosis:  Mack is weak behind and may not be riding safe -- he may have a Wobbler type condition.  Accordingly, we would like to entertain home offers as a companion/pet. 

January 19, 2011 - Mack is still currently in rehabilitation with us because while he's sound overall, he is showing some instability and weakness behind. A vet exam shows that he's mildly to moderately unco-ordinated behind. He's been on bute for the past two+ weeks to see if the back end issue was due to a pinched nerve from ill-fitting harness. The bute would help alleviate inflammation from such a condition. There has been no change.

I spoke with the vet again Sunday and starting tomorrow we are running 60 days of Doxycycline thru him, on the chance it's Lymes. Lymes can cause incordination/instability and God knows the Doxy made a world of difference for Destiny.

If THAT doesn't work, we are considering treating him with Marquis for EPM. We will most likely have to do a fundraise tor the meds, even if we purchase them thru Smartpak. Mack is only mid-teens, too young to not try all avenues. I'd rather just treat him than run up bills for tests that can be inconclusive anyway. . .


"#326 Belgian gelding.  16.2H (NOPE, he's AT LEAST 17 hh, probably bigger)  and smoothmouth.  Led through quiet.  This guy needs out soon.  He has diarrhea  and is unsound on his hind leg.  Poor used up old workhorse. $450" ~ HELPING HEARTS has raised the funds to pull this boy!!  He'll be coming to HHER. 



 His feet need some real care ~



ADOPTED!!  Nov. 7, 2011 --

Destiny -- a 11 yr old Standardbred Mare, 15.3 hh. Signed over to HHER by her owner's family. She is a sweet, sweet horse that could really use a person or family to bond with. 

Update: July 13, 2011 -

Destiny arrived at Helping Hearts in Aug., of 2010. She was rehabbed for neglect. She is trained to drive, and one of our volunteers worked with her ground driving and longeing to improve her "pleasure driving" skills and to ready her for under saddle work. Destiny is available as a companion, as a pleasure driving horse or as an under saddle prospect. We did begin to back her, (I had 3 "pony rides" around the ring on her in the spring.), but due to lack of assistance and time, I have not been able to continue with the work. 



 Destiny is a  neglect situation. We were alerted to this mare's case by the local Animal control Officer.  The horse had been assessed as a 1.5 on the state's body condition scale on their first visit, and she was lame and wobbly on both left legs.  Despite the aco's concerns, the state was not pursuing the case.   We worked on the issue privately and ultimately, the owner chose to relinquish her to us.
8/20/10 Update: She is being treated for uveitis, an inflammation of the eyes, and we are waiting to see if her lamesness and  co-ordination improves as she gets stronger.  She does show some imbalance, but at this point it's hard to pinpoint if it's neurological or weakness from starvation.  
 Destiny's veterinary and care costs were funded in part by our Mary Klink Memorial Fund & a $500 grant by the US Trotting Association (she is classified as a Relinquishment in lieu of Prosecution). 


 Walle - Adopted October 10, 2011 -



Walle ~ One Year Old!! August 20, 2009

 July 2:  I think that Walle has hunter-jumper potential!!  We were doing some groundwork with him in the indoor - - he decided he'd had enough and he wanted to be back with Chance - - And so JUMPED over the indoor's double-doors, 3 1/2 feet, to find his friend. . . . 


 Walle - 15 months old - Nov. 21, 2010


  Bouncing Baby Boy ~ Walle entered the world on Aug. 20, 2008:


Born to Ronni on Aug., 20, 2008, we expect Walle to mature to about 15 hh or so. Mom is a draft cross, we suspect that Dad may have been a Hafflinger.  Mom, Ronnie, will be started under saddle shortly.  Her Foster-Mom gets right of first refusal.

   May 25:  Wally was gelded last Monday.  -

Due to their special needs, the babies will only be adopted to persons with a minimum of 3 current years horse experience in ownership, handling, horse management. Thank You for your understanding - - youngsters can have difficult lives ahead of them if they receive the wrong handling and training during their 'formative' years.



 TEMPEST -- Adopted Sept. 3, 2011

  --It's time to think of finding a home for Tempest.  She gave birth to Zephyr on March 6, and he's now being weaned.  Tempest is 11.3 hh, about 8 yrs old.  And she does take a rider, she most likely did lead-line.   Currently needs some schooling to be an under-saddle pony.  She's Sound and Healthy and up to date on everything. Adoption Fee:  $250.


 TEMPEST -- Jan 28, 2011 -- A pregnant pony ran thru Camelot Sales on 1/26 and was purchased for the feed lot.  The proprietors did not want to see "Tempest" travel far and so HHER offered to take her in.

Thank You Everyone who donated towards Tempest's pull fee

 Feb 15 Update -- She's been moved out of QT and into a stall for foaling over the weekend.  She's settled in and BOY has that belly popped. We think it will be this week!




Sunny was adopted out last year.  Due to her adoptor's financial concerns, she is now back at HHER and waiting for her forever home. . . 



Sunny is an -11 yr old wild-caught Mustang mare.  She has been working very well in Chestnut Ridge Equestrian Center's lesson program, but we believe every horse should have a chance at a home. Sunny is 15.3 hh, she's a lovely dressage horse for the lower levels.  She was adopted from the BLM as a yearling to be a competitive trail horse. She was started under saddle by myself at Chestnut Ridge.   She has smooth gaits, is lovely to ride, shows talent for dressage, but does not like long, all-day trail rides!  She prefers ring-work! 

 TONKA is going to work at a lesson pony at Chestnut Ridge Equestrian Center.  YAY!!! 

TONKA - 5 yr old Hafflinger pony gelding, 13.3 hh.  Adorable and sweet!! ~ $600 Adoption Fee

 Tonka was adopted out in April, and despite his adoptors' love and affection for him, he was just NOT adapting to the heat and humidity of Florida.   We hope to find Tonkya a home more suitable to his tastes. . .







March 15 - Here are pics of Tonka from yesterday. He worked very well, relaxed & more focused, so I put some equipment on him. 

March 7, 2011 - I brought Tonka to a friend for foster for a while.   She's going to be putting round pen work on hm, evaluate his training and give him some saddle time.  After I left, her initial reaction to getting to know him in the barn - - After you left, Tonka got his “get to know” grooming and bridle path clipping in his stall. He is very good about grooming. I tried the sheet on him, it is way big, so I put one on that is a tad small and warmer for now till I get one that fits. It will be cold tonight. Then we took a walk around the paddock. He was so quiet & polite. I took his halter off and he and Arty have played over the fence all afternoon, just as I suspected. The jolly ball in his paddock is now in Arty’s, so he must like toys. He came right up to me later, seems quiet & sensible.

 Jan 20, 2011 - Since his arrival, we've just been letting Tonka hang out and "chill".   We're just letting him be a horse for now. He went from a very nervous guy who just hung around the outskirts of the herd and got pushed out of the way to now being a much more relaxed guy who is in the 'middle of the mix'. He now plays, belongs to his his own Band of Merry Outlaws out there, pranks the old men, etc. His new hobby is breaking and losing his halters in games of Halter-Tugs, and then of course, he won't let us catch him! The little stinker! He's a much happier, better adjusted little man now.










Gordon has wormed his way into Lisa's heart and is staying on as her personal donkey!!

"Gordon Lightfoot" is a 5 yr old Chocolate Standard Donkey John (gelded). He is up to date on all.   Gordon is a very shy, gentle boy. Very much wants to be friends but is a bit reserved and needs a slow, patient owner to bring out his best. Gordon's Adoption fee is $350.







 ADOPTED 7/31/11!
MunchaBunch ~ Our newest intake, this 36" 5 yr old Mini Gelding is just settling in. Munch is an owner relinquishment, he is UTD on everything, stands well for farrier, vet. has good ground manners, good for clipping, etc. as long as you go slow. Does tend to be spooky with new things--is afraid of whips. Green broke to drive, but needs miles with an experienced handler if that's your interest. Relinquishing owner had him for 4 months, lost confidence with him after a driving accident.   Adoption fee:  $350.


ADOPTED JULY 24, 2011 -- Thank You Michelle!!

Meet little Gilbert, He is #667 from the "6/15/11 Installment" of Camelot Auction.  He's a 6-7 yr old miniature horse stallion.   Once he's thru QT, he will be gelded and made available for adoption.  

He's safely tucked into HHER's QT area today - -I picked him up this a.m., very sweet and cute. He'll be gelded in the next couple weeks, depending on how he goes thru QT/Iso.




 July 7 - Gilbert is a new man today. Had his gelding procedure this afternoon. Eli aged him at only 4/5 yrs. July 14 -- Gilbert had his Dental and received his first half of spring shots. 

ADOPTED JUNE 28, 2011 -- MANDY - -

New Video:

Mandy is still green, but rides wonderfully. She'll be a nice lower-level dressage mount, hunter or western pleasure/trail.  A nice "all-arounder".  We are still working on trust and ground manners, but it's a work in progress.  She improves daily with having her legs picked up and held.  She just needs to be exposed to new things in a positive way.   


Dec 22- #804 - Chestnut/White Pinto mare. 14.3 hh, very stout, 5 yrs old. Attractive. Anxious in pen, one of the horses kept getting them going. Rode thru, quiet under saddle, said to have trail ridden, rode w-t., was being sold sound.   Additional info: This horse ran through the 11/24 sale as #586. This mare best for an adult for pleasure/trails. Previous owner  indicates that the mare showed a 'snarky'/aggressive attitude with other horses and became snappy with the children she was working with. She is delightful under saddle but needs a firm, experienced, KIND hand to work her thru her 'ground issues'. She seems to be one of the rare horses who does best alone, w/o other horses.
We picked up Mandy on 1/10 -as we began her QT off-site. the above was her Feed Lot description. She DEFINITELY needs work on her ground-manners, but I think she'll come along just fine.   She'll be fully evaluated and worked with prior to be offered for adoption.
 THANK YOU TO HOPE4HORSES for donating Mandy's fees to purchase her from the Camelot Feed Lot!

Nicki -ADOPTED 6/23/11!! Thank You and Congratulations to Kathy P and Nicki!!


  Nicki is physically rehabbed and is now in training to improve her relaxation under tack.  I think she will be a gorgeous hunter for an intermediate rider.    

March 1 -- Nicki is in great shape and we've begun her training evaluation -- initial evaluation --- She needs some training, she is NOT a beginner-pony.   We'll be working with her on the ground with longe-line and tack, learning obedience and voice commands for the next few or so.  . 


 May Video-clip -

Photos - Dec. 17 upon Arrival               &       April, 2011


Nicki was brought to us by a Good Samaritan on Dec. 17 after a pre-arranged agreement.  .Nicki is a large "quarter-pony" mare, about 14 hh. The vet gave her a quick once-over.  Her teeth indicate that she's only coming 11 yrs old, they are due for a float, we'll let her get a bit stronger for the next couple weeks before we do that.
Nicki has a Helping Heart!!
~  Sharon M






ADOPTED!!  June 13, 2011 --
Zoey - Adoption fee:  $400. - 15 yr old QH mare, 16 hh. 
Light riding pleasure horse for an advanced beginner+ rider .
New Video Out and About:
Thurs., May 19 : We went for a stroll around the farm and short trail ride thru the woods and out under the high tension wires today and she was lovely. A real trooper. She probably had not been ridden for nearly a year until a couple of months ago when we started getting on her intermittenly and is doing fine. She was initially a bit "lookey", but settled after a few minutes. She set her own pace, a nice strolling walk, voluntarily picked up a little jog trot up one incline and then a nice canter up a steeper one. Once we were back on level ground, she went back to a nice sedate walk.

She'd definitely much more relaxed out and about than she is in the indoor ring. It's most likely what she's most used to. In the woods a pair of deer popped out and dashed around -- she did one initial 'startle' and then just stood her ground. Never wheeled around or did anything silly. A nice, nice girl.  She was very nuzzly as we untacked.  She really deserves her own person to love and be loved by.
Zoey -- Freelonging Feb. 9, 2011 -

Zoey Under Saddle -

Zoey under tack.  She's trained western, nice jog trot--smooth relaxed  gaits at the walk and trot.  Tense and leadbound at the canter. She's a very nice horse.  

March 15 - Dr Perris was out today to take radiograprhs of Zoey's enlarged right hind fetlock.  We saw lots of arthritic changes within the joint -  and other boney changes on the outside areas  of the fetlock.   Accordingly, we hope to place Zoey as a light riding (walk-trot-light canter/lope) pleasure/trail horse.   Shots of Adequan would help her comfort.  Along with rubbing the area up with linament or a DMSO/Linament rub to help reduce inflammation.  Therapuedic use of bute wiould be helpful when she appears sore (all she does is rest the leg) and neoprene fetlock support boots when being ridden would help as well.

Oct. 2 -Two more joined us this weekend:    The call came in last week, over 2 dozen starved/neglected horses in South Jersey.   SPCA IS involved, we waited to get the word and Chris, my hubby and Exec. Director of HHER, went down on Saturday and picked up these two, who were relinquished to us by their former-owner:
Zoey is a 16 hh bay QH mare, extremely thin, with extremely overgrown "flipper" feet.
"311" (they never named him) is a cute little QH pony.  We're calling him Skeeter.  He doesn't appear too thin, but his belly is full of sand & has a locking left stifle-joint.     Both are very friendly and sweet, and not surprisingly, love to eat.   We're slowing re-acclimating them to feed. 
Zoey on Jan 6, 2011 ~ Quite a difference!
She is about 12 yrs old, cross-tied like a champ, loves to be groomed, takes treats very delicately like a lady, let me clip her whiskers and ears. I lunged her off the halter and she knew her commands --walk-trot-canter-whoa.

She does have an enlarged right hind fetlock, it's been that way since her arrival-feels like boney changes; she moved sound on it. I did notice after her little workout she was resting that leg, so it bears watching, may be worth an xray. She'll probably be a lovely trail, pleasure horse; with that fetlock, probably not a lesson horse that would be doing repetitve work, like on a circle (longeing). . . oh well, I guess no dressage . . 
Upon Arrival on Oct. 2- - -  
Zoey & Skeeter enjoying the Day upon arrival.

ADOPTED!! - June 5, 2011 - Tiffany is a 3 yr old Mini-Donk Jenny who came into HHER on 4/17. We've been letting her settle in and relax as she was split from her 5 month old foal prior to coming here. She's had a Coggins pulled and we'll be doing vaccinations next week. I'd LOVE to start entertaining home offers for her. Her Adoption fee is $275.
 ADOPTED!! - May 14, 2011 -
Harley ~ A very good equine friend, joined us at Helping Hearts on March 4. Harley is a 15. hh Bay Quarter Horse gelding, coming 21 yrs old this year.
He actually was part of my dressage lesson-program for a number of years.  In the past few years, he's been a wonderful pleasure/trail horse for his previous owner. We're letting Harley settle in a bit and then will evaluate for current training, physical abilities, etc.  
 Harley & Kara. 
 I bought Harley from Camelot in Jan, '02 for a client. She boarded him at my facility for several years, I put his training into him and part-leased him back for lessons. He taught dozens of students t...he rudiments of intro/training level dressage. She and Harley moved on a few years ago and then last month she contacted me asking if I could take Harley in. She waited for HHER to have some room and I picked him up last week.

He is experiencing an issue with bridling right now. He's always been a bit touchy with his right ear, and would get difficult if a novice was rough handling his ears while figuring out how to bridle. I don't see it being a long-term problem, very correctable. Getting on him today was like putting on a comfy old pair of jeans that fit 'just right'. . . . he's a good boy. I'll be looking for the perfect private owner home for him, local to NJ, he doesn't need to travel all over. . . .Adoption fee: $500.

3/15 -- Had his teeth floated today and blood pulled for his Coggins. Tomorrow he'll get his feet trimmed and be dewormed.


Charley -Placed in Forever Foster with Harry on 28, 2011


Arrived Nov 22, 2010 -   Saddlebred-QH cross gelding.  Charlie does ride, has wonderful manners, walks off on a loose rein, but DOES have a 'go button'. All you need is a kiss/cluck and he moves into a forward trot, I'm sure another kiss would have brought him to a canter, BUT HE'S CREAKY and I don't think he's entirely comfortable. He has been getting massages as they're donated, he would do great with a joint supplement I'm sure.


 Here is a video clip of Charley under saddle at one of his foster homes --

We would LOVE to place Charley as a much loved companion. He can pony a child around a bit,do some light trail riding for an intermediate rider, but after a hard life, his main job should be to be loved. He's a very submissive horse, gets along with everyone, but could be a 'whipping boy' for an overly dominant horse. Adoption Fee minimal to a wonderful home.



 Charley was #598 from the 7/14 Camelot Sale.   He was an outright purchase out of the Feed Lot by a person calling herself a 'rescuer' back then.  3 weeks later, he was being advertised on CL about 200 lbs lighter.   Someone purchased him off the CL ad to get him out of THAT situation.  The home offer dematerialized and Charley's been at loose ends since -- moving from farm to farm no-one really "owned" him.   Now he's here and signed over to HHER. . .He's in good condition now, needs a bit more weight, but has received primo care the last couple of months thanks to caretakers Lia and Michelle. Now, he just needs a forever home.

Charley after his purchase off Craigs List *Charley in recovery-mode (Thank You Michelle)

"He's late teens, 16h chestnut gelding- Saddlebred cross, He's perfectly rideable, and well trained western, but not for a raw beginner. He was brave on our "trail" ride, never spooked, and lead the whole way. He has an old knee injury, which has never been warm, or seemed to give him any trouble, vet did a flex test and he was fine, but I can feel it when I'm on him. Doesn't slow him down one bit. In the barn he's very personable and well behaved, although he can be a little pushy. I've been working on him about this. He likes to use people as a scratching post for his head, He also walked right into Lorraine's trailer like a champ. He's not crazy about being fly-sprayed or hosed, but deals with it if he's tied. He picks up his feet just fine, though will pull a little with the backs (working on correcting this) and was great for the farrier. As far as food, he's been getting nothing but senior and free choice hay/pasture. He had his teeth done, and they're in fine shape for his age, but he's still a disgusting slobbery eater. He gets along great with my bottom-of-the-totem pole draft mare, and was so beat up when he arrived that I suspect he is usually on the bottom. He has never tested the fences or been anything but friendly. He particularly likes my 12 year old step-daughter.  I think that sums it up. He is a nice horse that is fairly low maintenance. I think he'd be just fine in a home with a smaller rider (ie: no big men) who has some idea of what they are doing, and just wants to do the occasional trail ride.." - Lia, Charley's foster-Mom. 






Free-longing on 2/9 -

Feb 15- Evaluation of Cammie under saddle today.   I would consider
her a green project that will be suitable for an experienced intermediate  rider.

She tacks fine, takes the bit fine.   Longes with tack and without sidereins just fine.  She did not understand the contact that the side-reins offered.

She was relaxed when I mounted her, no issue there at all, walked off with me in the saddle with my ground-person leading.
She stopped when I gave her rein pressure, but did not react to leg pressure to go forward.  We did a few walk-halt, walk-halt transitions with my ground-person.   After about 15-20 minutes under saddle she got a bit antsy, so we decided to end on a good note.  (please note that we DID longe for about 20 minutes before I mounted).   She needs to build more strength to carry a rider I think.

My impression:  Cammie needs to be brought along as a green prospect.
She obviously has some basic training under her belt, but we have no way to
know how long she was employed as a broodmare
or how much training/riding experience she had prior to becoming a mom.
She just may need a slow, steady refresher or she may need the training
beyond the basics put into her.
 Meet Cammie & Guinevere -- Cammie ran thru the March 31 Camelot sale - - Guin was born March 12, 2010.

Cammie - 16'ish yr old untatood TB or Appendix QH Mare (No Lip Tatoo)  --

 March 31, 2010 - #924 -PREGNANT, HEAVY IN FOAL, BAGGING UP --  Bay mare w/ blaze, 16 hh.  refined head.  Either an untatooed TB or Appendix QH, no papers.



 March 5, 2011 --- Dakota is ADOPTED!! Congratulations Dakota and Sue K!!
Oct. 15 - DAKOTA will be available to go to his new home from March, 2011 on.We'd lvoe to pre-approve a home for him, but just let him grow up a bit more (and be gelded) before he leaves for his new home.   Adoption Fee- Currently $500.

 Born May 30, 2010, this boy is half National Show Horse (Arab/Saddlebred) and obviously half -paint.    We expect him to mature to large-pony size. 
He was originally listed on our Courtesy Page with his Mom and big brother, both of whom were placed.

 "Baby" went thru Camelot Sale "en utero" last November.  He was born on Memorial Day weekend.  He had a twin that was born dead.  Hence he's on the small-side, He's cute as a button, with two blue-eyes!!  

 Photos from 9/13 - -



 March, 2011 - Skeeter, a QH Pony who came in with Zoey from a Gloucester Cty SPCA case, , has been placed with our host barn, Chestnut Ridge Equestrian Center, joining their Equine Faculty!!   Now he's Professor Skeeter!



Priscilla ~ Nov. 17 - A sweaty and anxious mini-mare was run thru the sale, Ida purchased her for HHER per my instructions via text. Now gotta go and pick this little girl up, see what's ailing her!! So much for a quiet night in front of the tv w/the computer & cell phone!


 Priscilla, pretty in pink!!


#536 is home. She's settling in our goat pen for the night. Quite sweaty & a lot of hair-major cushings, I think. Probably older than 19. Seems perky. I'll check on her a couple times before I turn in. Large mini.../small pony--few spot pinto, blue eyes. She is boney under all that hair, quite a belly. Possibly pregnant or off a pregnancy, but most likely wormy. Feet could be better, but we've seen a lot worse. We'll check thoes teeth tomorrow.   We'll let her settle in, then see how she's acting once she's calm, to make sure she's not colicky. Membranes were bright pink, not *quite* purple, she strikes me as a tough lady, but those eyes showed that she was scared/worried. She's safe now.


GUIN;  Foaled April 12, 2010 -- ADOPTED DEC. 11, 2010.


 Guin at 5 months old ~


Guin 3 weeks old                                ~Two months old


ADOPTED!! - NOV. 30, 2010 - THANK YOU& Congratulations Joan & Buddy!

BUDDY ~  3 yr old, 13.3 QH/Morgan Pony -- NICE, NICE, NICE!!  

 Under Saddle on 7/8:

June 15 - - Worked Buddy on the longeline for the first time since his return - - -

June 1 - - Buddy was adopted out in January but is now back and again looking for an excellent Forever Home.   His adoptor's 3 year old son climbed into Buddy's paddock and the pony approached the child and knocked him down.  Luckily/happily, the young boy is fine, but the family felt that the risk of re-occurence couldn't allow them to keep Buddy.

January 9~ Buddy has been under saddle for nearly 3 weeks.  he's a very good boy.  He is a quick learner, and aims to please. 

Arrived, June, 4, 2009 as a 2 yr old stud colt.  It was reported that a colt had spent at least 3 weeks in solitary confinement in a tie-stall, up to his knees in filth, without turnout or contact w/any other horses. 


Nov 29, 2010 - Cookie is Adopted!! - Thank You Terry C.

 August 23:  Cookie & Molly - We had been looking for a direct home for the pony Cookie, & her companion-goat Molly so they could stay together.   Cookie has lived in the same paddock for 17 yrs!!   No-one was interested in both. Yesterday, Molly went to her new forever home with a goat-lover; Vito went to his new home yesterday; now Cookie is with HHER, settling into her foster home down the street with Caryn.  this 20-something pony would LOVE a loving forever-home.


 Nov. 1~Chase has been transferred to The Sanctuary for animals in Wesstown, NY .

Chase - 8 yr old appendix QH- We're looking for a very special home for Chase -- Chase is from the April 16 Sale (#580). He was "gifted" to HHER to keep him safe. He's an 8/9 yr. appendix QH with laminitis issues. He came in lame & is slowly improving. Vet exam/xrays show a 5 & 7 degree rotation of coffin bones. He'll only be lightly rideable for a light rider as he will be 'serviceably sound'. Chase is extremely sweet/personable w/super ground manners. He needs a home w/someone who understands the needs of laminitic horses. He will go out on a HHER Foster Agreement.
May14 Update --  Due to increased lameness, xrays were taken of  Chase's front feet.  Not great news -- old laminitis damage, 7 degree rotation of the right coffin bone and 5 degree rotation of the left.   Per the xrays, we removed a lot of toe to help realign things and to ease the breakover of his step.    Chase is NOT the best patient.  I think he's had a lot of 'fiddling' prior to his arrival and he's pretty tired of it. . . fingers crossed. . . .  
April 16  ~ Meet #580. He's 8 yrs old, I believe he's an appendix QH. He has a small "28" freeze-branded on his lower left stifle.  I believe it's an identifier, not a breed marking. I'm told that he was recently a family horse, and was a police horse before that. He is lame on the right front and sore everywhere else, the poor guy. He'll be examined by the vet on Monday and we'll take it from there. Donations for his vetting and care would be greatly appreciated. snail mail to PO Box 342, Perrineville, NJ 08535 or paypal using our email addy - [email protected]
Camelot April 14 - - 580- Warmblood gelding, 16.1 hh, white blaze, off in front, 7 yrs old, they said if you put shoes on him he will go sound, they put up the jump and he did it willingly, very nice horse, calm and sweet

 Friar Tuck ("Tuck") & Donovan  -ADOPTED!!  Oct. 22, 2010.  Congrats Julia, Tuck and Donovan

 Tuck under Saddle Yesterday (7/27)


Tuck does have a slight 'hitch in his getalong' on his right front. So, is lightly rideable, but is gentle and sweet.  Prefers to follow rather than lead.   Now that he has weight on, he's over 17 hh. (yes, skinny horses DO seem to get taller as they put on weight, no matter WHAT their age!)



Tuck is a special needs horse available to a special home.  Due to his 'choke' episodes, he needs to have his Equine Senior wetted into a mush.  He is currently grained/mushed 3x/day.    He has some ringbone changes in his right front and gets a gram of Bute  and a heaping scoop of Cosequin a day.  He's a real sweetie and deserves a loving home.

 January 28- - This wonderful Draft ran thru the Sale last night and sold to the Feed Lot.  Since Candy was getting a new home, we decided to save this guy.  -#860 -- Aged Belgian Draft, very, very thin:  He's supposed to be CHUNKY, he's a DRAFT horse . . .   

Went to get him and literally had to draaag him out of the pen.  Once out the pen, the walk became brisk; when he saw the sunlight, he picked up a trot!  Loaded right up.  In the paddock at home, he was initially bright enough - rolled, but soon tired and was disinterested in dinner.  I was a bit worried, but realized that he must have gone thru THREE auctions in the past week.  I was told he came off a Kentucky Amish farm, probably went thru auction there, headed to New Holland, PA on Monday and fnished up going thru Camelot on Weds. . . that's a heck of a week, if even that long!  Checked on him at midnight, and he'd finally eaten his dinner!


Donovan - -

Oct. 2 -Thank You Susan F. & Lynn, for coming on Sat to meet Donovan. Susan has Morgan-horse knowledge; confirmed that he IS a purebred Morgan. Maybe now that he's a SOMEBODY, there will be a home offer for our gorgeous boy!! 18 yrs, @ 15.1 hh, suitable for light driving, a pinched nerve in his back currently makes riding uncomfortable. He was probably never shown --doesn't do the stretch or know the double-show bridle, but is the old-line type and was probably always a driving horse.

Arrived May 15 - 18'ish yr old  Morgan Gelding, Beautiful Bay, 15 hh "Last Man Standing" at Camelot from the May 12 group. 

Donovan has wonderful ground manners and tacked up like a champ, cross-ties, etc.  think that his job will be companion /  driving -- he long-lines fine -- I don't have any driving experience to put him to the 'real test' -- he tacks up and handles fine, has wonderful ground manners.  He is hesitant under saddle, but tries to do what's asked, the longer we went the more hesitant he became.  I think it's a discomfort issue.   
I did continuedto work with him under saddle -- a handful of times -- and each time he was more  reticent to go forward, which tells me that he's got a pain issue, most likely in his back. . . I've had him massaged and chiropracted, and had him on a course of muscle relaxants with not much improvement.  He'll be tense and unhappy while I'm up there and as soon as I dismount, his eye softens and he gets all nuzzle-y. . .
So, I don't think he's going to be able to both ride and drive. . . a light/semi-retired driving horse is what he'll be suitable for.


  ADOPTED AUG. 21, 2010!!!

VITO ~   Buddy/Lil Bay has arrived at HHER & we've re-christened him "Vito".  We've had a few Buddy's and he's got Vitiligo-type pigment loss, little white spots. . .  Read about Lil BayVito's amazing story on our News & Events page.

March 15 - He came a day early under Emergency Circumstances.  It was an 'eventful' morning spent in the rain and mud.   Dr. Lipresti from Colts Head Vet. Services was wonderful.  He suffered from a very severe colic, apparently brought on by an unfortunate change of feed.  He's much perkier now, I believe that the trailer to HHER  helped break the impaction and gas loose!!

Vito is about 17 yrs old, 14 hh.  He's sound, and we will be evaluating him under saddle in the next few days. He was the worst of the 3 'Starved Jackson Ponies" when they arrived.  His teeth were horrible.  He's had 2 or 3 dentals already, but can only eat hay cubes, not hay.   He is being fed Purina Eq. Senior and Hay Cubes 3 - 4 times a day.   

Photos of "Lil Bay" aka Buddy
  November                          Sept. 23                          Aug. 23



Aug. 1, 2010 - Lusy Adopted!!  She's going to be a therapuetic riding horse helping children.
Lusy GJF - - Foaled April 18, 1998.  Registered with the American Haflinger Registry.   Pulled from Camelot Feed Lot on Dec. 3.  Adoption Fee - $650.00
Lusy under Saddle - April 20, 2010 -
She's doing super and has come a long way in a fairly short period of time.  I think she just needed a refresher course..
Lusy is a very sweet, very nice mare.  I get the feeling that she never had a "formal" education -- when she first arrived she was very nervous.  I think she wasn't used to alot, went thru 2 sales in a week.  So, let her settle in thru the holidays, then the bad weather, etc. etc.  So, only really started working with her in earnest Feb/March.  When we first started working, there was no 'focus' onto her handler as being the 'dominant' - -we've taken her back to basics, longing with tack, learnng to focus on her handler/trainer to listen to commands, etc. . .We've just started her back under saddle. She definitely feels ""Green:, but th education will continue
She is sweet X 10 - - a lovely, lovey horse.  She's a taller haffie, about 14 hh and BUILT SOLID.  We call her Lusy the Linebacker.  Due to her size, strength and surprisingly light on her feet, she's not a kids horse.  I see her more of an adult riding/driving pony. 


July 24, 2010 - Adopted!!  

 Napoleon is ready for a forever home.

  12 yr old mini-Gelding.  Trained to drive single or double.  



From the Jan 13 Sale.  Was privately purchased and she couldn't keep him.  He arrived at HHER on March 13.  He seemed so rattled from being split from his harness-partner (was consigned as a TEAM, but they were sold separately) and then moved around so much, we just let Napoleon hang out and settle.  NOW, he's ready to find a new,permanent home.





Jack the Lad  ---  See Jack's entire story on our News & Events Page -- He had a news story written about him in the UK, and now the story continues. . . Jack was placed via the rescue that took him in last fall.  When his adoptive owner could no longer keep him, we were contacted about taking him in.  I contacted Jack's previous owner to see if she was in a position to help us out as the home farm is full. .  Linda is now fostering Jack for HHER, until he is placed via HHER.  He's 19 yrs., about 16.1 hh, and a total sweet-heart.  He rides very well, w-t-c, and can take small jumps.

Jack the Lad has been all over. He was born in Great Britain and came to the United States to race. He raced until he was 14 years old. He had an injury, chips in his knee, but had surgery  and raced on it fine afterwards. He has been used for riding lessons, trail rides, and drill team performances with 4-H. He is a very sweet and beautiful Standardbred gelding who was born in 1991. He loves to please.


ADOPTED!!  Mimi & Liza went to their new home Monday,June 28, 2010

Mimi & Liza's Reunion Video - -

 Liza arrived in style Weds., 6/16!!  She was reunited with her mother, Mimi and they already have a forever home lined up!!

 Mimi - Purchased during auction on June 2.  Mimi is a 30 yr old Mini-horse mare, sent to auction together with her 20 yr old daughter. They were separated, after 20 years, as her daughter was purchased privately. Mimi, due to her lameness, blind right eye and age, had no bidders, others than Helping Hearts Equine Rescue, who purchased her for $30.00. A dollar for every year of her life.

  HHER came home from Camelot with #90--small mini mare, probably dam of a couple of the ones run thru the last couple weeks.  Small, blind in right eye, weak hind end (hard to stand and walk) and edema on belly.  Oh, don't forget, she's pregnant!!   How did we get her home?  In the back of Ida's  SUV!!   Vet exam in a.m. for little Mimi!!

June 6 - I was contacted by someone this weekend who knew Mimi and filled me in on her the other minis who went to sale with her.   I checked my notes and saw that the little chestnut mare, her daughter, was bought by a dealer.  I contacted Camelot to see if they would contact the dealer for me to see if we could buy Mimi's daughter to re-unite them.  Happily, she was still available.  I'll be picking her up on Weds.!!

Mimi & Liza will be re-united and adopted out together!



    June 21, 2010 ~ ADOPTED!!  "Murphy" - Arrived May 11. -12 yr old Welsh pony, lame on left front. Child had outgrown the pony, resulting in soreness.  A horse was purchsed and Murphy was scheduled for euthanasia.  The  vet contacted us to see if we would take him in.  Prognosis is that he was overtaxed and needs 4-6 months rest.   May 30 Update- As anticipated, Murphy's  lameness  is resolving with time off!

 June 15 - Murphy's lameness seems to be resolving enough that we took a leisurely stroll around the farm and thru the woods today.  He's a very laid-back, packer type.  Murphy will NOT be adopted out to a jumping home --  due to his injury, those days are over.   He would LOVE to pack around the trails with a child or small adult. 



June 1, 2010- Ronnie - Adopted by her Foster-Dad Chris S.!!!

 ~ 7 yr old Draft Cross mare, Mother of Wally - - Adoption Fee $800. Ronnie is currently 7 yrs old, is 15.1 hh and very sweet, teeth just recently floated.  Ready for a home. 

Ronnie was in the kill pen with Bruce over 4th of July, '08.  As you can see, she was due to foal any day. THANK YOU Paige S. for taking her in.  Thank You to everyone who contributed to this young lady's  "Baby Shower'.  Kathy Stanwood from Mylestone Rescue donated money to buy the pregnant mare and Mylestone helped w/vet bills.  Thank you Ann Marie also for contributing toward this young lady's release and vet bills (contribution made in memory of Zsu Zsu.  (Pull Fee:  $300).  

 And Ronnie's Son, Wally, also has a home. . . . 


Walle - Adopted October 10, 2011


Walle ~ One Year Old!! August 20, 2009

 July 2:  I think that Walle has hunter-jumper potential!!  We were doing some groundwork with him in the indoor - - he decided he'd had enough and he wanted to be back with Chance - - And so JUMPED over the indoor's double-doors, 3 1/2 feet, to find his friend. . . . 



 Wally - 15 months old - Nov. 21



 Bouncing Baby Boy ~ Wally entered the world on Aug. 20:


Born to Ronni on Aug., 20, 2008, we expect Walle to mature to about 15 hh or so. Mom is a draft cross, we suspect that Dad may have been a Hafflinger.  Mom, Ronnie, will be started under saddle shortly.  Her Foster-Mom gets right of first refusal.

   May 25:  Wally was gelded last Monday.  -

Due to their special needs, the babies will only be adopted to persons with a minimum of 3 current years horse experience in ownership, handling, horse management. Thank You for your understanding - - youngsters can have difficult lives ahead of them if they receive the wrong handling and training during their 'formative' years.



ADOPTED May 16, 2010!!!

 Meet Dublin -- #436 from the 3/10 Camelot Sale - -Dublin is a 2 yr old black & white Pinto colt.  Dublin was gelded on April 1 and healed up without a hitch.  He is now being turned out with a group of horses and is getting along well with everyone.  He is a good-sized colt, still needs to gain some weight, we expect him to mature at about 16 hh.   We are now entertaining home offers and his adoption fee is $850.00.



  #436-2 yr old bl/wh stud colt,  Gorgeous, terrified -- led thru, scared to death, but gentle and quiet.  Went into his stall to get his photo at the end of night, a bit colicky, we pointed it out.  Nice, Nice boy.   Cut this colt and have a 'looker' of a paint baby!! . . .

He arrived with a 105 temp. and needed a jump-start of IV antibiotics, Banamine and IV fluids, but he is now fine and healthy.


 Thank You Dana Hoffman for bailing this baby for HHER.  Thank you Cathy Sadler and Linda Goldman for contributing toward his gelding procedure!


GULLIVER --5/9:  ADOPTED 5/10/2010!! 

Waiting for a forever home/foster in NJ: Gulliver is an 18 yr old gelding, a victim of starvation and abuse. His last owner pulled him from the Camelot Feed Lot in the Summer of '08. Despite her best efforts, the horse remained thin, unable to gain/maintain weight. A decision was made to relinquish him to us and he was delivered July 26, 2009. I was told he had a broken jaw making it difficult for him to eat effectively. He arrived extremely dehydrated and he definitely had an eating/chewing issue. Our vet examined him. IV fluids were administered to rehydrate him. Blood was drawn and his heart was checked. His heart is strong and healthy. Gulliver did NOT have a broken jaw, nor did he have cancer or any other life-draining illness. What he had was a mouth full of long sharp teeth, pointing in every direction, effectively locking his jaws shut, he was unable to eat the food placed in front of him.
~Gulliver has had two dentals, is eating fine, though he will never be able to chew hay. He gets Purina Equine Senior & Hay Cubes, Hay Pellets, Denghi Hifi instead of hay.He is an easy keeper, but does best with a joint supplement.                                                          ~His physical-self is now healthy, emotionally Gullie is a bit introverted, but we're sure this is due to some  severe abuse. When wet, knife-carved initials can be seen on his left shoulder. . . . . But after all of his abuse and neglect, he is sweet and quiet and would just like to be someone's companion. He's out in the field now with a group of horses, playing with buddies!  He loves to be groomed and would love to be doted on daily. Can anyone offer Gulliver a forever home?

 Gulliver is on the right in this photo with Finnigan, 45+ yrs old, who sadly passed on Sept 23, 2009.
 Gulliver - July 26:  Gulliver was relinquished to us today.  Appox 18 years old, QH Geld.   His owner rescued this starved horse from the kill pen about a year ago and despite her best efforts, the horse remained extremely thin.  A decision was made to turn Gulliver over to us, and her barn-mates delivered him. 
Our vet, Dr. Perris, examined him the day after arrival.  IV fluids were given  to rehydrate him.   Blood was drawn and his heart was checked.  His heart is strong and healthy.   The plan was to feed him a fortified mush for the next week to build him up to allow him to safely undergo the sedation he'll need to correct the dental issue.   During this week, we're also waiting for the bloodwork to be completed, to confirm or rule-out a disease or metabolic cause for his inability to gain weight. 
Update:  July 29:  Blood work came back all within normal parameters except for Anemia.  Will start him on a supplement.
Update:  July 31:  Gulliver required more emergency IV Fluids this evening.  Not bouncing back yet the way we would like.
Aug. 4:  
Today Gulliver had his initial dental.  The biggest issue was a lower molar that had grown up into the space left by a missing upper molar--which effectively halted his ability to chew his food normally.  Eli had to cut the invasive tooth back to where it belonged, then floated the teeth, removing sharp edges and points and evening up surfaces so Gulliver can chew and digest his food more efficiently.  This guy has been in a state of emaciation for well over a year, hopefully this will turn the tide for him.  The photo shows the section of tooth that needed to be removed.  It stands over 1/4" high, with the Chapstick as size comparison.  The other pieces are just that, bits and pieces of the surrounding teeth that were also growing up into the space and had to be clipped back before the float tools could be used.



April 3- Bronson Arrived at Out2Pasture in Jamestown, Missouri on Sat.. He'll be safe and secure for the rest of his life in sanctuary in the capable hands of Robin & Zac Hurst!!

Bronson  arrived, Feb 17 - He is a coming 9 yrs old warmblood-type, probably Hannoverian.   Originally pulled from Camelot of Nov 4 -  "#864 - - A sad one - - no-one left to bid, last horse of the night - - 8 yr old Liver Chestnut warmblood gelding, looked sound, led thru, a bit thin, spine/hips protruding a bit . . . seemed like a kind soul. Around 16.1/16.2 hh."  His bail was paid for by a good samaritan and a small PA rescue took him in.   He also has a "bad" right eye, which, it has been assumed all this time, was sightless.   This winter, realizing that this boy is a long-term project, HHER was asked by his sponsor if we could take him, and we agreed.   He is sweet, though very nervous and scared of quick movement, people, noises, etc.  His reactions indicate to me an animal that's been abused.  His right eye is actually collapsed into the socket part-way.  The vet exam on Thurs showed that the eye abcessed and ruptured, collapsing in on itself. We did have the eye examined: 

Feb. 28 - Dr.V did come and examine Bronson's eye on Thursday -- He IS completely blind in the right eye, no vision at all. What we've been seeing as reactions are most likely his reacting to 'environmental cues' -- feeling the vibration or movement by the eye - - - so the eye can stay as is, no reason to remove.  The left eye, does show signs of a possible previous glaucoma flair.  She could see "stretch marks" on the orb from increased pressure within the eye at some point - -but the pressure is normal now.  He does have 'Uveal cysts' in the eye, which are generally innocuous (word of the day), but occasionally they canbreat free and float around in the eye -- I guess sort of like we can get 'floaters'.  So, it is possible that some of his spookiness could be attributable to that.   So, we just keep an eye on it.   Those cysts can be removed via laser surgery, but she really doesn't see a need at this time.   So, we'll just continue to let him settle in and relax for a couple weeks, Get his handling and learn to trust us, then we'll take it from there. 


Bronson's got Helping Hearts!
~ Ali Schroeder
 ~Denise Bailat


  March 27, 2010 - Adopted by her Foster-Mom - Thank You Kathy!

Kathy checked her freeze-brand,Sweetie is 30 yrs old!  

Sweetie was an owner relinquishment last February --14.2 hh, 18 yr old Arabian mare  --  and we adopted her out last summer to a woman who was going to use her in an animal assisted therapy program she was beginning.  Sadly, the woman had a non-related back injury around the same time that she adopted Sweetie, and  despite surgery, is not improving and she is currently scaling back her program, and needs to return Sweetie.  Sweetie is a lovely, lovely horse --quite submissive in the pecking order, and she totally lives up to her name. 
She was a backyard pony for 3 years, literally living in a backyard next to a skateboard rink with another horse and a llama until the gelding passed away.  During her time with us last year, she was working lightly 2 - 3 days a week, hacking around with one of my adult riders - -she is a lovely beginner horse for both adults and children of that age range "9 on up". 



March 14, 2010 - Johns Bold Battle -- "Big John" or "JB" - Congratulations & Thank You to Rebecca for taking in John and his buddy "Barney" in North Carolina.

This is a photo of John & Barney together for the first time in almost 2 months.  Old Friends . . .together again.. . . and then together in N. C.




 Yes, John does still look thin, but look at the difference from the photos taken Jan. 15 -- He's gained a substantial amount of weight and has a gleam in his eye now.   Regaining this amt. of weight takes time.  His contours are starting to round. 

 #774’s lip tattoo  appears to be Johns Bold Battle – born in 1991 in Texas.  Had a total of 65 races with 11 wins, 9 seconds and 4 thirds totaling $54,778.  Incredible - -after that life of service, this is how he winds up. . . . .  (This thin, he wears a size 84" blanket!)

 #774 –January 14, 2010 -  Very Thin TB Gelding – Smoothmouth, Tatoo there but very faded.   Not sound (just arthritic) - - Led thru . . . $50.00

This gentleman has a quiet dignity about him, is gentle and kind, good ground manners. 


#773 – "Barney" Thin Grey GELD – TB – filthy, mane tangled . . . .$100. Pulled by a consortium effort headed by Rebecca and Kara .  Rebecca & Kara are arranging their retirement just a mile from Rebecca's home.



Dante - March 8, '10 - ADOPTED by Kymberly C!!!

Adoptor Update - March 9:  OMGOMGOMG!!!!!! I cannot begin to tell you how I feel about this little boy. He is such a special ,serene, sweet, amazingly beautiful, otherworldly magical young man. That's just my immediate impression,of course. (teeheehee). I am over-the-moon in love. We had dinner in the barn w/ them tonight! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!! He will get approximately one hundred million kisses everyday! God Bless You!!! Keep up the good work and take care of yourself!


Two Yr. Old Hannoverian/TB as of 2010.  Dark Bay, white Star -- He's going to be stunning when he matures.  He was gelded Oct 1. Wolf teeth pulled and micro-chipped.  Is up to date on all vaccines and Coggins. 

We expect him to easily mature to 17 hh, if not a bit more.  He's sprouted at least 5 inches in the two months he's been with us -- it's amazing what a few groceries can accomplish!  He's a very laid-back individual, I believe that in a group herd situation, he probably was just not getting his fare share of the feed and shelter, was probably at the bottom of the social hierarchy.  He is now absolutely gorgeous, definitely a high quality horse in a bad situation.  He's a nice, flowing mover, will do well either as a hunter or lower level dressage --I'm guessing he's a dressage prospect that will be proficient thru 2nd Level, schooling 3rd -- though he could fool us and go higher!!


 Sept. 2 - Pulled from  Camelot Feed Lot with Finster, aged chest/white pony geld -- already placed.






 Feb 3, 2010 -"Harry Morgan" -- ADOPTED!!  Congratulations & Thank You Karrie!

January 28 - Harry's quarantine is just about up.  We'll start his evaluation in the coming week. 
Jan 24, 2010 -  Have just not been able to settle on a name for this guy. I think I've decided to keep it simple -- Harry Morgan.   "Harry" is almost thru his quarantine.  He's a real sweet guy, friendly, nice manners, we'll begin evaluating him for training/what discipline his 'forte' is one he's completed his quarantine, which should be up in one more week.
Jan 9 - This guy is the LAST ONE left in the Camelot Feed Lot -and in my opinion, one of the nicest ones of the group this week - I guess everyone overlooked him due to his "Hefty Price Tag" of $435 + Coggins.

#688 – Morgan-X Gelding, Dark Bay w/star, rides and drives, trail rides, sound, a nice floaty mover . .. dressage prospect anyone? . . .15.2 hh, 12 yrs.Nice. floating english trot, sound

 January 16, 2010 - -Daphney is Adopted!

Dapnhey - is a little mini-mare that came to us early September. '09 from a friend.  Penny was moving from Vermont to California and sadly Daphney couldn't come along.  She came to Helping Hearts, where Lisa promised that Daphney would stay indefinitely until a most excellent home was found. 

Well, that home was found. Thank you Nancy & Greg for adopting Daphney into your family. We know she will be a center of attention and gets lots of loving and care.



CANDY IS PLACED! ~ January 28, 2010 - Candy has been taken in by Starry Skies Farm/Tricia Terry in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  Candy joined Sophie, a pvt camelot pull who was unsuitable under saddle for her adoptor.  Both mares will be well-cared by Tricia and her Hubby. 

#275 –Candy -  Ran thru the Camelot Sale on Nov. 18, purchased for slaughter.  Her pull fee was paid by Val Stanley, MD. When this aged, cute, mare had no-place to go, the last horse left, we went and picked her up.   Candy has been evaluated for riding, and due to extreme discomfort in her hips and lower back, she will be adopted out as a companion/pet only. 

Nov. 21:  Picked this lovely lady up for Val this a.m.   As I expected, she's very sweet, though confused and stressed.  I feel that this mare was someone's "pet" til times got tough and the trials and tribulations of the auction experience have been a bit much on her.

Candy has a Helping Heart:

 ~Debbie Cowperthwait (sponsored in Debbie's honor by Sharon Doele)



 ADOPTED!! January 25, 2010 - Congratulations Koloszar, Jim & Susan!

Jan. 13 -- "Kole" had his teeth floated today and received his vaccines - - also had his first evaluation under saddle.  As anticipated, he will make a super "husband horse", he is kind and laid back.  He is a big/deep bodied horse, and at 16.3 hh, will take up a lot of leg.

His feet will be trimmed and re-shod tomorrow.  Kole will require shoes all-around to help his "thoroughbred feet" support his large frame. 

  Adoption Fee:  $900.00

 Dec. 23-- #636 ***Big, Bay Gelding, 7/8 yrs old, about 16.3 hh, was selling sound, said to have foxhunted but was tripping over rail.  Nevermind that, quiet enough to be a hubby-horse, baby-sitter type guy, big, sweet, gentle, rode thru, a real “Which way did he go George?” type horse . . .


 KOLOSZAR -- Lip Tatoo #E03443,(Pulpit out of Beal Street Blues by Dixieland Band). Koloszar is Virginia-bred by Lazy Lane Stables, Inc. He raced twice (once at Keeneland where he finished up the track after narrowly avoiding a spill, and once at Gulfstream where he earned $320 for finishing well back in the pack in a maiden special weight). He was trained by Frank Brothers.



BENJI: - ADOPTED! January 9, 2010-

  Congratulations Munmun O'Neill!!

Adoptor Update - Feb 28 - Benji continues to be a joy, he loves halter tag and we are working on a lot of bending, transitions and flatwork to build muscletone, increase confidence and supple him up. He is lunged a lot as well and my trainer is working with him, as well as Page and some friends from the barn.   He is the the most emotionally generous, humorous and talented horse I have ever owned.    Thanks so much,

Benji - 7 yr old. QH/TWH-X -

Benji is under saddle for less than a month in this video!  


  Oct. 30 - Benji is gaited!!!!   Still has a wonderful, long, floaty trot, but also has a 'gait' to him under saddle.  He is definitely 1/2 QH, but now wondering if that aquiline nose is from Tenn. Walker ancestry and NOT TB. Anyone interested in a 7 yr old, smart, sweet, smooth, gaited QH-TWH cross?  Anyone know gaited horses?  Could he be all TWH, or one of the other gaited breeds?  

  10/17: WHOOO-HOOOO - - Franklyn, Benji's 4 yr old "twin",  has a new "Mom"!  Loril H, a volunteer, has fallen for Franklyn.  He's been renamed Griffin and receiving the handling/groundwork he needs to train as a riding horse soon!

 Chestnut Gelding - -  -when we arrived at the pen on Sept 19, he walked over and basically, leaned his head on us, just can't leave him there.  No info on training, etc., is wearing one shoe.   Dental exam shows him to be around  7 yrs old

Benji has a Helping Heart!!

~Cameron Himes

(Happy Birthday Cameron!)



MAGGIE ADOPTED -- Jan 5, 2010 - - Congratulations & Thank You Robin D. 
Meet "Maggie" - Maggie is a 15/16 yr old, 14.3 hh grey mare - - she was pulled from Camelot on Oct 6 - - she is a wonderful 'backyard kid's horse' type - - extremely easy to handle, patient and kind, she was super on her riding evaluation yesterday -- nothing fancy, but safe.  Stops easily from the rein.  Needs some 'push' to go - - despite having a melanoma on the right corner of her mouth, she goes just as well in a snaffle as she does in a 'bitless bridle.  The vet confirmed that the melanoma would not impact Maggie's ability to carry or respond to a bit.
She's up to date on vaccines, Coggins, Etc.  She will be a great 'first horse' for some lucky junior!


BENTLEY~ Adopted - Congratulations Bentley & Colleen R. - 11/27/09
Adoptor Update:  Feb, '10 - Bentley laid down in the field and fell sound asleep, snoring, after a long grooming & haircut. His tail has finally grown! I trimmed it a little and he's looking fantastic. We've been going for walks up and down our rural streets and he seems to love it! He actually will lift his left leg when I lift mine while walking. It's adorable. Hard to believe he's so massive and such a big sweetheart. 

Oct. 17, ~  Bentley has an approved adoption application, he'll be moving to his new home the end of Nov.  He is at an optimum weight these days, could use a hair more, but that will come.  He's sweet and comes trotting over when called by name.  He is quiet under saddle, though a bit green.  Very willing and kind though.  Bentley is baby-sitter Extraordinnaire, Chance loves him and Dante adores him - - he calls when we take Bentley from the field!

Some fun stats:  He's over 18 hh tall, will wear at least a 7" bit.  Is currently a size 87" blanket and will probably hit the 90's once he gains his missing weight.  He will easily eat 12 qts of feed a day and when the grass is not so lush, a bale of hay a day.  His feet are enormous and we are told that his toes need to be kept long or he will come up lame.   Right now he is perfectly sound.  I intend to have radiographs taken of his front feet to ascertain the "why" of this information.

So, this guy will be a 'high end' keeper - -we will be taking into consideration the potential adoptor's ability to cover the cost of caring for him properly and completely.  IN addition, most farriers won't do horses this big and the adoptor will have to make arrangements with a farrier that specializes in drafts.  We just want to make sure that any potential adoptor gets past the 'novelty aspect' and understands & is able to take on the full responsibility of this special boy.    

Thurs. - 4/16/09 - Clydesdale Bought for Slaughter is Now Safe with HHER


I was alerted to this horse last week.  Went over today to see him when I heard he was still there--The transport truck with Canadian plates was pulled up to the trailer ramp . . . . 

He's big and he's thin, about 10 yrs old, must be 16.3 hh!!  

We've named him "Bentley", and he's a gentle giant.   He needs about 300+ lbs, his teeth floated, Spring Vaccinations, Coggins, Etc.   Bentley could use some Sponsors!!  Big Boy will be eating A LOT!




 Meet Benji's 'brother', Franklyn: - - Oct. 15, 2009 - Adopted by Loril H!!! Renamed Griffin, he will be boarding at Chestnut Ridge Eq. Center.


When we met Benji in the KP, this guy was hanging out with him too.  They are so close to identical and so attached, they must be siblings. 

 He was terrified and wouldn't let us catch him, had to run several horses inside to 'trap' him, he stood trembling in a corner with his head jammed thru the pipe fencing - - that was the only way we could get his halter on.  Now that he's 'home', he's settled nicely and seems as friendly as Benji. . . He's only 4 yrs old and may only be green-broke --- stay tuned.  

Angelina ~

 Oct. 20, 2009:    Angelina is permanently adopted!!!!!  Thank You Jean F.

Too Emaciated for New Holland . . . . Who would have thought . . . .

Aug 11, 2009:    Mary and I were on our way to the New Holland Auction yesterday to pick up Pride's Tagger.  Christy (from AC4H) called and asked if we were en route. She explained that the New Holland vet had called --a mare had been brought in  too emaciated to run thru the auction. Did we have room? NO, but when has that stopped us before?

Upon arrival, we met with the vet and met the mare. Wow . . . very, very thin. Took one look at that cut up face, skinny dirty body, crappy pieced-together halter and said YES, of course we'll take her home. Once we got her situated, we met up with Darla for the hand-off of Tagger. Sooo, we came home with TWO yesterday. Thankfully, one of our wonderful volunteers, Jane B., had already offered to house Tagger for a few weeks at her lovely farm; and so we drove him there and then headed home with yet another, emaciated, flea-bitten grey. . . .

  iin the parking lot of NH. Mary held her by the trailer while I waited for  paperwork. A woman and her 3 young daughters kept going by Mary & Angie, looking horrified. Finally, as they were leaving the lot, they stopped the car, leaned out the window to say something . Mary quickly interupted to explain that we were a rescue and taking the mare to safety. The woman was quite relieved, I understand.



Pride's Tagger - 27 years young - Sept. 6, 2009 - Tagger has arrived at his final home!

- - Aug. 21 Great News!! Tagger will be going to Rain Hill Equine Rescue & Sanctuary in Bowling Green, KY.

Their "specialty" is vision-impaired and blind horses, though they provide permanent sanctuary for any abandoned or unwanted horse.    Thank You KarenThurman for offering Tagger a final home!!  We will be arranging transport in the next 2 - 3 weeks.  Contributions toward the 13 hr trip to his final home are encouraged and appreciated.

 Sept. 17-  He's received his fall shots and his teeth were floated. 

 Sept.  3: Tagger is getting lots of TLC with Jane.  She asked her vet to come out and conduct a routine vet exam.  She had some questions as he arrived nervous/worried and tends to toss his head   The vet reports the vision loss as bilateral vision loss, it's comensurrate with his age, but it's a bit worrying, it also explains the headtossing he's been doing.  The written exam report states "bilateral nuclear sclerosis with some cataract formation.  Has some sight deficit".  Vet says it's like looking thru a dirty window for him.   Despite that, He's got wonderful ground manners.  He's shown that he's not used to be out to graze.  He's in a run-in situation where he can come and go from his stall to a grassed paddock.  He initially just stayed in the stall, now he's coming out to graze more.  

 Aug. 10 - NOW, let's not forget the handsome boy who we were actually on our way to pick up!!

Pride's Tagger (A23166)  is 27 years old - - loaded and unloaded like a champ and is ADORABLE!! He's a solid, big-boned gelding, still has shoes on, though grossly overgrown.
First things first, a good roll in the fresh grass

Doesn't look 27 does he? You should have seen him trotting up and down the paddock, stretching his legs and checking out his surroundings. It's a lovely set up, nice-sized grass paddock, he has the choice of going into his stall or into a open-air shed with shaded roof. Jane has TWO fans running in the stall for his comfort. He's lively enough and in great enough condition that he can have an active semi-retirement. Light driving or riding would be super. From what we saw yesterday, he moves quite sound!

A2316 foaled in 1982 this horse is 27 years old!!!

Aug. 6, 2009:  Received a phone call on Sun, 7/26 from Lisa Amarino during our on-farm dressage show (See, A LOT happened that day!)   A group from the Alex Brown Racing Forum had organized a fund-raiser to pull a 27 yr old Standardbred from a Broker's  Lot near New Holland, PA.  They had raised the funds but the horse had no-where to go.  Since we had just lost Summer earlier that week, I agreed to take in Tagger.  Moments later, I received the call about Gulliver and the need for him to come in THAT day.  I called Lisa back and a two week quarantine with Christy of Another Chance 4 Horses was arranged - - giving us time to get Sweetie to HER new home to make room for Tagger.  THEN, 3 days later Finnigan arrived--there went that stall. I spent a week wracking my brain and then an Angel left me a phone message yesterday. One of our volunteers, Jane B., called, offering space for a rescue-in-need at her private farm with paddocks and 2 stalls. 


Pearl~ Aug. 14, 2009- Wonderful News - Pearl has transferred to Peaceful Acres in Pattersonville, New York.  She'll be there for 2 months more rehab and TLC and then will be taken in by her new adoptive "Mom", Diane.  Working together for the good of the horses.  Thank You Nanci!

August 29:  Pearl has moved to our home farm today, now that Ginger went home with her new "Mom" yesterday.  We tranq'd her, pulled her shoes and trimmed her feet.  Her teeth were done 2 weeks ago - -she was aged at approx. 25 yrs. She's now out in the 'big boy' field and doing well.   Anyone have room in their hearts for a sad mare who needs love and TLC?

 July 17:  Received a couple phone calls yesterday -- one from a friend,Carol W., who saw a thin grey mare run thru the auction and sell for a whopping $30!! The auction-owner then called me in the afternoon, offering us the mare for $50.  That's all al ife is worth--a horse so thin due to owner neglect that she's not even suitable to ship to slaughter.

THANK YOU CAROL, for bailing this mare out and bringing her to your field for quarantine and rehab.  Yes, "Pearl" only cost $50, but she needs vet care - - bloodwork, vaccines, Coggins, Deworming, dental and farriery.  Oh, and let's not forget feed and supplements to get her back in pristine condition.  Pearl is an aged Perch or Perch-X mare, 15.2+/-hh.  Sound.

I have Helping Hearts:

~ Carol Wingerter (Thank you for housing me!)

~ My "Equine Steward"

~Spirit Conley



♥ ♥

ADOPTED - THANK YOU LEE Q. - Finster is renamed "Iraquois Chief".  A proud name for a proud pony.

Pulled from Camelot kill pen on Sept. 2.  Med Chestnut/white pony,  is very thin, walked away when we approached, wouldn't let me touch him, is supposed to be a Chincoteague, is 18 yrs old, 12 hh.  I'm told that a kid had western tack on him and rode him all over the place during the auction.  If someone had a western saddle on my boney back and sat on me all night, I'd walk away too.    "Finster" has had his teeth done so he can eat and had a Coggins pulled-- we are feeding him soaked hay cubes and Equine Senior.  

Update on Finster from Lee- 

Sept. 19 - The little boy is doing great and today I taped him for his weight as it has been just a week. He has gained 12 pounds, I know that doesn't sound like much but to apony it is adding up. He was just 420 pounds last week and he had his first lunging to get the muscles toned up. He did so terrific and trotted on command and walked on command, It was fun working him a little. I think he rather enjoyed it. He is just loving the attention and he is a little gentleman.


Ginger ~ Adopted by Chris S - - Went 'home' Aug. 28, '09. 


 Frank showed me Ginger when we were picking up Angel.  we picked her up on 12/17.  Ginger is coming 10 yrs old, about 16 + hh. She's settling in now, we've pulled a Coggins, had her teeth floated today (12/19).  I received this info on Ginger, from the woman who brought her to the auction for a colleague:  

"Hi Lisa,I did not sell this horse,a associate in  the wedding carriage business bought a white team ,and had no use for this mare anymore.. . . .Her name is Ginger,she is as quiet as they come and drives wonderful and rides too.She is super gentle .She loaded and transported well for us.WE gave a man there $10 to ride her and she went well.I wanted her to have the best advantage for getting a home.That would be so ideal if she could get a good safe home.Her previous owners always had good times with her.We transported her for them and from what I saw of her she is a very kind mare not pushy at all." 

Feb. 23, 2009~ Ginger was examined by the vet as she was not coming around from what we assumed was a bruised sole/abcess in her left front hoof.  Xrays were taken of her hoof/fetlock area and we discovered arthritic changes -- Ringbone, an arthritic condition,  can occur from heavy concussion/working on a hard surface.  This is NOT the end of a career, the ringbone will be manageable, but we  are considering  Ginger suitable for light/mostly walk riding and as a companion.   We want her to have a home where she will be cared for and loved - -She has been started on MSM and Glucosamine to see if the supplementation helps alleviate the lameness.  The vet said that judicial use of Bute would also be helpful.  

May 25~ As expected, the warm weather has relieved the symptoms of the ringbone, though if she plays hard in turnout, she does come up short. I've recently been told about a supplement, Cetyl-M, which is supposed to be quite effective in some 'tough' cases and I'm going to order it for Ginger. 

Mason -- Passed on Dec., 21, 2010.
Pamela, THANK YOU for loving and caring for this wonderful gentleman these last 20 months.  
He will be missed by all, I thought of him often.  
MASON:   Adopted . . . . . Thank You Pamela
Mason is available to a good long-term home.   He was working out wonderfully for a local therapeutic riding program, but after a serious bout of pnuemonia/Pluerisy, he now needs a semi-retirement, occasional, casual trail/ride home.  He is sweet and loving, easy to deal with, does have trouble holding his feet up for cleaning and farriery.  Just needs patience, not punishment.

Picking Mason up from the horse dealer's on 9/25.  He had been put in a grass paddock to await my arrival. I had paid for him a couple days earlier but had to wait to pick him up 'til found a place to quarantine him. Mason quarantined at a wonderful neighbor's farm and he's now joined Bruce at our home farm.   

 Mason is a Belgian Draft Gelding,approx. 21 years young.   I received an email from a friend alerting me that he was in the local kill pen.  Went to see him and brought him 'home' to safety on Sept. 26.  He has harness scars which we suspect are from years of service with the Amish.  He also hacks out under saddle.  After quarantine and care, he will be available for adoption.   (Pull fee $350, fall Vaccines $75, PowerPac $55.)   Adoption  Fee $450 -- Photos:  Under Saddle w/Katie Keenan







SEAL April 15, 2009 ~ On his way to Out2Pasture.

Update:  April 6, '09 ~~  After a couple of months of rehab which included veterinary care, massage, chiropractic and accupuncture treatment, it's become clear that Seal's shoulder and back pain has become a chronic condition.  This sweet, in-your-pocket 9 yr old TB, thru no fault of his own, can no longer be ridden without pain.  I have arranged to send him to our friends, Robin March-Hurst & family who run Out2Pasture retirement facility in Missouri.  You will recall that Rose, our pregnant Standardbred, mother of Chance, is now living out there.  Seal will be leaving next week.  It's a bittersweet ending to his trials and travails - - It's now been 15 months since I met this guy, working with his previous owner to assist him and her, helping to place him last summer; and now upon his return from an unsuccessful situation; we are ensuring that he will always be safe and have a good home.

We helped Seal's former owner place him in a new home in August of '08.  Seal was returned to us on 2/12/09 due to a sore back.  He is a gorgeous 10 yr old, 16 hh TB gelding, Seal is extremely sweet, has super ground manners and is a pretty mover. He was shown hunters in the fall by his previous adoptive home and earned good ribbons.  He is currently under veterinary and chiropractic care to alleviate his discomfort which seems to have started w/a soft-tissue injury to his shoulder.  He will be available for adoption to a dressage, flatwork home.  He is suitable for an intermediate rider.



Robinson &  Radar Adopted Together!!  Robinson will continue to be Radar's Eyes.

Congratulations and Thank You Liz & Ed

April 13- Settling in to their new home today.

Robinson ~ Arrived August, ’05, adopted out October  ’06 – See Robinson's "Back Story" toward the bottom of the "Adopted" Page. Robinson was my first "broker pull" 4 years ago.  Sadly his adoptive mom has hit some economic snags and could no longer keep him.  When he arrived 4 years ago, he was suffering from starvation and neglect with front end lameness.   Vet exams showed extensive cartilage, ligament & joint  damage in both knees, especially the left. I attempted joint injections, IV adequan/legend, supplements to get and keep him working sound; and it worked for a while.  Teri adopted him as a light trail riding horse.  Now that he's back from Teri, vet exams have confirmed that the knee has calcified quite a bit more & he's got a permanent head-bob and so will be available as a companion horse.  

Radar ~We're ready to re-name this guy "boomerang".  No sooner did he return from Riding High Therapy Program after 8 months with them at the end of January than he was adopted to be a companion to a QH who's senior friend had passed.   Unfortunately, his new 'buddy' decided that he was not over his mourning and was NOT going to accept a substitute friend.  Soooo, Radar returned to us before he was injured.

April 6 ~ Radar is as sassy as ever.  However, it appears that he is slowly losing the vision in his left eye due to cataract clouding--was examined today after receiving his Spring shots.  He'd already lost the vision in the right from uveitis.  So, right now he's in a rehab mode 'til we can see what's what and how he adapts.  Of course, if there is anyone out there who might be interested in taking on our little special needs boy, please contact me. He's sweet and sassy, (bratty, I guess), but quite adorable - - the quintessential naughty pony.   He needs a new buddy that he can buddy up with who he can 'hug into' for security. Last month I reported that he was being babied by Logan, but I guess the novelty wore off -- typical fickle TB.  He's been tucking himself up to Robinson lately, but Robinson will be leaving for his new home on Monday.    Simon seems to tolerate Radar up his bumper, so hopefully that will work!

March 4, '09 - Our Valentine's Day rescue last year is back.   He got a little too 'ticklish' to be handled by children in the therapy program who adopted him; since his return, he's has a flare-up of uveitis in his right eye, he now appears totally blind in it.  I'm guessing that diminishing vision was probably a big cause of his naughty behavior.     He's been 'adopted' by our TB gelding Logan to the point that they even share a stall.  Weird, but, what the heck. 

Feb., '08~ This 15 yr old, 12 +/-  hh pony was pulled from the Kolona, Iowa auction on our behalf:  Monday February 4th. 2008- there will be over 300 head of equines going through auction (Kolona, Iowa) and approximately half (1/2) will be purchased for slaughter by a buyer contracted from a Canada slaughter plant.  . . . . at the last sale there was 310 and 125 were sold to slaughter buyers.  We first  learned about this several years ago when a truck load of mini's with Federal slaughter tags were at a local livestock auction being held for pickup.   We are calling this the "Valentine rescue".  (from Christy of AC4H). 



Scotty:    June 22, 2009 - - Scotty is being fostered with Harry P.  He's fitting right into the 'herd' and is proving to Harry just how sweet he can be

Weds., May 20 -  --"SCOTTY" IS SAFE!!

We were this gelding's last chance before he shipped to slaughter.  He was driven  4 - 5 hrs fr out of state and sold for meat.  He's approx. 20 yrs old and has been a lesson horse, look how sweet he looks, not in bad condition, just needs some weight/TLC and a home.   I'm guessing he was brought to NJ to avoid a barn's clientelle discovering that a dedicated lesson horse was sold for slauaghter when he slowed too much to be cost-effective. 
UPDATE --I ran over and picked him up as soon as it looked like we'd get enough pledges to cover him.  He's quarantining in our goat pen, initially oogling my goats, probably never saw goats before up close, and he was trotting around quite sound.   Maybe he can't hold up to a lesson program anymore, but he's probably still got something to offer.   The vet was out, gave him the 1st half of spring shots and pulled a Coggins. His dental is scheduled for Tuesday.  His lip tatoo begins with an "M", making him 25 yrs of age.  He definitely doesn't look it!
 This is definitely a situation where "together we can help a horse in need."  Please help us help him. . . . . . every little bit adds up.
 My Helping Heart:
~Garry  Lazarewicz
~Harry Pinand, My Foster-Dad





Lark a/k/a Lily ~   IN LONG-TERM FOSTER:

April 6, 2009 - Our little lady Lark is now in a long-term foster home and she's settled in nicely.  I brought her 'home' last  Thursday. I found out 'who' she was the night before she left.   Lark's real name is Lily (she answers to it) and she worked as a lesson-horse at the same facility for over 10 years until she was sold to slaughter on 3/11.  I'm not publishing the name of the barn to protect the 'guilty' (don't know why), but I've since learned that about 6 of their older lesson horses/ponies were "sent down the road" recently.  We'll probably never know if any others from that barn were saved, but Lily is safe and will live out her life with love and affection.  After spending over a decade teaching dozens of children to ride, she's earned the right to enjoy love, respect and dignity thru the end of her life.   Thank You Erin L. for taking her in.

Just received an email from Erin Holwade the other day.  She recognized and remembered Lily from back when her daughter and friends took lessons on her. . . .

"I can honestly say that both my and my younger sister's reaction to Lily having gone to the kill pen being, Oh.My.God.  We'd both ridden her during our time at XXX-Stables and she was the sweetest little caretaker pony ever. My younger sister had even shown on her and done well. We are both happy to know that you had saved this super sweet mare from a horrible fate."

The rider is Kiersten Holswade at Baymar in I believe the spring of 2002


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 Hey Folks ~

 Received a call this a.m. - - aged medium pony gelding wound up in the feed lot at Camelot last night.  Asked if he was sound, was told he was  off behind.  Purportedly a school horse/pony, guess whomever was done with him and there you go . . . . . out w/the trash.   No way a wobbly old pony is going to make it standing to a slaughter house.

 Needs to be pulled out of there - - - Going over to check him out in a bit.

 Stay tuned . . . . . .



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Here SHE is . . . (didn't really think I'd leave her there, did you?). . . Aged, solid App pony, about 14 hh., great manners, very sweet and calm.  Hitchy in the right hind, needs just a bit of weight, runny eyes but both eyes work (have had a run on blind-in-one-eye ponies lately--).  Overall  not in bad condition. I'll have the vet check teeth and pull a Coggins tomorrow.  She could be a walk-around pony for a small kid, companion, etc.    I'm told she came out of a local lesson-program. 


Friday:  March 13, 2009 ~  "Lark" ate well, drinking water well, but noticed mid-morning that she'd only pooped 3X since yesterday, laying down a lot/quiet.  Eli was due out anyway to do teeth on Robinson, Seal & check her out.  Upon arrival, Eli concurred that "Lark" was 'considering' colicking.  Yes, you take a 25 yr old pony to an auction, leave her there in the pens with other horses where she's bought for slaughter; then  the day after that she trailers out of there to somewhere else (luckily, to HHER); and chances are the stresses are going to push her toward a colic.  She was oiled, we did pull blood for a Coggins, examined her teeth, not a lot left but she still had edges and points.  Her teeth were done a few days later after she settled in.   Poor Girl - - she's been very, very sweet for everything.



 Rose - Now Home - Out2Pasture Retirement Farm, Missouri

Rose arrived at Out2Pasture on 1/10/09.  She was pulled from the New Holland Kill Pen April 21.  We arrived to meet Christy from AC4H and found her back at the pens.  She pointed out the pregnant mare and asked if we had room.  My response was "No, but we'll take her" .  She gave birth to 'Chance' one month later on May 28.  Rose had been an exemplary Mom, but now Chance is weaned and Rose is getting a fresh start and hopefully, a happy life.  The mare's lip tatoo was traced for us, M4315, identifying her as 15 yr old Standardbred mare --  Becky Lane.  We've kept her name "Rose", a new name for a new start.


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Lisa, our girl continues to amaze and amuse me: our new routine is: Rose presents herself at a gate (signaling that she has decided to go into this herd or that); I open the gate and allow her to go explore whichever herd she has “chosen”. When she is done (sometimes a matter of hours; sometimes days); she presents herself at the gate and I let her back in with Mya. In general, the boys just leave her alone, besides a late-gelded guy once in a while joining up with her; but otherwise, she comes and goes as she pleases and it doesn’t seem to be a problem. Mya is a bit pathetic when she leaves on her excursions; I feed her by the nearest fence to where Rose is located and Rose checks in on her periodically when she is on tour. I think Rose is destined to be one of those who must be allowed to live on her own terms and I don’t have any problem with that. I guess I shouldn’t always insist that others fit into my square holes. Thought you’d like to know your instincts were right about Rose. xoR

(Note:  Mya is a blind mare that Rose became very protective of upon her arrival at Out2Pasture)


 Home for the Holidays!

Congratulations Andersen (now "Mitten") and Lauri - Home on12/17/08

Hi Lisa ~
Thank you so much.  He is the best horse in the entire world.  What a character !   He traveled with no brouhaha, hopped off the trailer in New Hope, took a look around with a few excited breaths, and then pleasantly went for a walk with me around the property to check things out....    just like a big calm dog on the end of a leash.    He said hi to all the horses in the fields, took a look at the ring, and discovered his enormous stall with fresh bedding and lots of the most beautiful hay I've seen . . . .

See Andersen long-lining on YouTube:


Andersen is a 15 yr old American Saddlebred gelding, 16 hh, drop dead gorgeous and sweet, sweet, sweet!!  He is trained to drive is in under saddle training.  He was an Amish roadhorse prior to our rescuing him 2 days before he was scheduled to be transferred from the horse broker to the meat-man at New Holland.  (Pull Fee $600)


Patty was adopted on 11/21/08.  Thank you Debbie of MD for adopting Patty into your band of Chincoteague ponies!!

Peppermint Patty is a purebred Chincoteaugue pony.  She arrived at Helping Hearts on Aug. 20.  She is only 5 yrs old, has already produced 3 foals.  Owner was considering selling her to the New Holland meatman as this year's foal has loose stifles, like his mother.   Instead she was offered as a giveaway and a good samaritan picked her up and brought her to us.  Patty needs some TLC and a permanent, loving home as a pet/companion.  She is sweet and affectionate, good around children.



We have found an adoptive home for Missy.  Thank You.

I've been contacted regarding this lovely 28 yr old palomino QH mare.  The owner has had her for 14 years, she is current and has always been up to date on everything - - dental, farrier, Coggins, vaccines, routine vet care, etc.  The woman used to do some trail riding, the last few years the grandkids would bebop around on her.   She has not been ridden in the last couple years -  but would probably be fine for therapeutic/light riding once she's legged up.  I saw her on Saturday and, WOW, she does not look 28, if I didn't know any better, I would have said 10-12 yrs.   She is  approx 15 hh, might be a bit smaller.   In her younger years with a previous owner, she was a western pleasure champion.   This mare will be adopted out with a Helping Hearts Lifetime Lease Agreement with a requested donation to Helping Hearts.  Due to her age, we would like to keep her local to the NJ area.  


ADOPTED!!  ~~ Congratulations Tracy on adopting this Gorgeous Girl!  "Hi Lisa, I just wanted to take a minute to thank you once again for Holly. She is doing wonderfully. Everyone at the barn absolutely loves her. Everyone says they cant believe how well behaved she is and what a lovebug, she is so affectionate. I really can't thank you enough. Take care of yourself and we will be back in touch.-Tracy"
"Holly", 4 yr old, 15 hh, Arabian/Saddlebred cross (National Show Horse).  Pulled from broker, she was headed to slaughter on 4/17, we picked her up on 4/21. 


    Logan - then . . . . and now  (Arrived June, 2006 & at dressage show May, 2007.)  Logan is an 8 yr old off the track TB that arrived  2 days before due to ship to meat-buyer.  He was so emaciated and weak, that, until Oliver arrived, my husband had never seen such a boney horse. He could barely walk, the tendons in his legs were collapsing and we coudn't keep the flies off of him.  He proved to be a sweet,loveable, playful boy and he has earned a permanent home at Chestnut Ridge.  


Bailey (racing name "Pogolotti Hill")

From this:                                   To this:                                                                                         To THIS:


This is Bailey. He too was a TB that wound up in the kill pen, after earning $97,112 in 15 lifetime starts for his owners, the partnership of John/Marilyn Guerrera and Carmine Telesca.  He was bred by Hall of Fame Trainer, John Nerud.   When he broke his elbow, he was disposed of.   He subsequently 'blew out' his hind suspensory ligament trying to keep weight off of the broken elbow while being 'rehabilitated' by an individual that he was given to.   Once that occured, he wound up in a NY kill pen and was subsequently rescued by Another Chance 4 Horses.  We offered to foster him and we took him in~~ cared for his injuries, rehabbed him physically and found him a retirement home in Missouri.  Sadly, the long-term effects of his injuries did lead to his humane euthanasia  April, 2008.   However, he spent his last year peaceful, loved and well-cared for, avoiding the horrific death to which he was headed.


Gweneviere –Arrived Feb ‘07, 14 yr old Wmbld/TB-x mare, purchased from PA broker.  Gwen arrived incubating strangles (fun!)  In time, I tracked down her last owner, who had owned her 4 yrs shown her dressage, bred her, still had her colt, etc., but ‘had too many horses’ and sold her to a broker who “promised not to send her to slaughter”.  Gwen’s papers were forwarded to me.  Gwen was  Rehab’d and put in a training program.  She was transferred outright to her new owner, a 16 yr old junior event rider in  Nov., ‘07

(Gwen and her new owner, Brianna)


Rowan, - ’06 - -Gorgeous Strawberry Roan Clydesdale-X Gelding – Victim of extreme abuse, extremely fearful of people, hands, etc., would lung with bared teeth if felt threatened.  Initially behaving very dangerously, we considered humane euthanasia, but decided to try working with him and after a couple of weeks he did improve and begin trusting.   With a couple months of rehab and handling, Rowan was adopted out to a couple who had experience with equine abuse victims for rehabilitation/companion home.  Agreement that he would be returned to me or to  Another Chance 4 Horses (the rescue thru whom we pulled him) if they ever could not keep him. 



Star – Sept. ’05 -  Unwanted weanling Percheron filly - - - arrived with contracted tendons all 4 legs, swollen joints.   Rehabilitated under veterinary and farrier supervision, permanently adopted out as a yearling.

Photo of Star w/adoptive “mom” Fall of ’07 – first time wearing tack.




Robinson ~ Arrived August, ’05, adopted out October  ’06 –

My "first rescue" after  Butch & Buddy.   Purchased from a New Holland horse broker, he arrived suffering from starvation and neglect with front end lameness. Once he regained his weight he turned out to be a gorgeous well-built dun QH (we thought maybe he was a TB-X!). Vet exams showed extensive cartilage, ligament and joint damage in both knees. We attempted joint injections, IV adequan/legend,  supplements, etc., to get him ‘working sound’.  After carefully screening potential adoptors, he was adopted out to a lovely couple for occasional walk-only trail riding, companion/lawn ornament.  this photo is of "Rocky" with his Mom, Theresa Burns.

In February of 2006 Lisa was awarded the ESDCTA (Eastern States Dressage & Combined Training Assoc) 2005 Larry Landy Memorial Award ('The Sunshine Award'). The criteria to be considered for this Award is "The winner of this Award is an ESDCTA member who is chosen because of generous and significant contributions to the long-term care of horses, our faithful partners in this wonderful sport".   Lisa was chosen for her hands-on efforts in securing a safe and permanent home for the Monmouth County Park System's retired workhorses, Butch and Buddy.   Without intervention, these horses were destined to be sold at auction via a New Holland, PA. horse broker.

Butch & Buddy working at Longstreet Farm, Holmdel, NJ, a living museum owned and operated by the Monmouth County Park System.  The Park System's intent was to trade in this aged team to a PA horse broker for a younger, sounder team.   "Retirement to Green Pastures" was promised by the Park System.  The reality would have been much different.


Butch and Buddy waiting to load onto the trailer to travel to the Retirement Home for Horses in Alachua, Fl.