Helping Hearts Equine Rescue, Inc

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Alone, we can accomplish a little, together we can accomplish a lot for a horse in need.

Helping Hearts Equine Rescue, Inc

PO Box 342, Perrineville, NJ   08535

[email protected]

Contributions:  All contributions to Helping Hearts Equine Rescue will be used to directly assist equines in need. 

Checks should be made payable to 'Helping Hearts Equine Rescue' and mailed to PO Box 342, Perrineville, NJ  08535.  




Shop thru ~ Helping Hearts is a registered charity with .  By joining and shopping at your regular web-based retailers thru their website, a portion of your total purchase will be donated to Helping Hearts.   You can review the program and join by clicking on is a free service, and their online mall has over 680 brand-name stores, including Barnes & Noble, Staples, Lands'End, Jeffers and PetsMart. 




 We earn .25 cents for each Proof of Purchase snipped from your Triple Crown Feed Bags.   Please collect and mail them to us at PO Box 342, Perrineville, NJ  08535


Helping Heart Sponsorship Program

When horses enter a rescue, they are in need.  They have likely been neglected and/or abused and once they are safe, they are in dire need of vet, farrier, and dental care which is costly and can run hundreds of dollars.  Then come the expenses that come with every horse; feed, supplements, vet bills, chiropractic, wormers, etc.  The rehabilitation costs for most of these horses is high - diagnostic testing, training, etc.  Adoption fees rarely reflect or recoup the costs incurred to bring health and well-being to these deserving animals.

These horses need, and deserve, caring people to help them.  Our Helping Heart Sponsorship Program is an effective way for you to do this.  Maybe you would like a horse of your own but do not have the facilities, time, or money necessary to own your own horse.  This program gives you the opportunity to become involved in a particular horse's life and have a direct impact on that horse.  You only need to commit your heart to one, or more, of these horses in need.  Won't you please consider being a "Helping Heart" to one of our rescues?  There is no gift too big or too small.  "Helping Heart Sposors" will be acknowledged in the indivuadual horse's 'bio'.  If and when your horse is adopted to a loving home, you are welcome to choose another.

To give an idea of what things cost:
~  Farrier Trim (no shoes):  $40;             Dental visit:  $60;

~  Complete Vaccinations: $125.00
~  Bale of hay:  $8 to $12;                  Bag of grain:  $14 Av.  ~Bedding/Straw:  $6/bale
~  De-wormer:  $10-15 every 6 weeks

~ when they first arrive, they receive a Panacur Powerpac - cost is $55
  Thank you for your consideration!



~Alfalfa Hay Cubes             ~ Standlee Compressed Alfalfa        ~ Baled Straw

~ Blue Seal Feeds - Hay Stretcher, Alfalfa Pellets, Hunter; 

~ Buckeye EQ8 Senior and Buckeye Senior

~Calf Manna Max E Glow Rice Bran Pellets

~4 lb. red mineral blocks

~Supplements & Care Products: Fat Cat,  Corta-Flx Pellets, Thrush-Buster, Medicated Shampoos, fly-sprays, tube dewormers, Panacur PowerPac, Metamucil/Sand-Clear, Mega-Cell;

~Leather / breakaway Halters

~Draft Horse-Sized tack/blankets/sheets (86"plus!)