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In Memorium

Most folks think of rescue as "SAVING" in capital letters:  Removing an animal from a bad situation and giving them a new life.  We do that as best we can.  Most of our rescues go on to live full, useful, loving lives with their new families/owners.  Some, like our beloved Oliver, are so high maintenance due to long term neglect, starvation or other issues, that they are not adoptable and will spend the rest of their lives with us.  Whatever time they have left, we make sure they are loved and cared for.  And, sometimes, 'saving' is not 'capital letters', but small letters.  Those are the individuals we take in to ease their pain and suffering and to give them a peaceful end in a loving setting, rather than having to endure a horrific trip to a horrific ending in a compromised physical condition.  Our main concern is their comfort and well-being.  But also, with this page, we want to make sure that they are not forgotten.  We pay tribute to them, and hold their memories close.  These horses are as important as those that we are able to "SAVE" and we honor them here - --


 Misty passed peacefully surrounded by friends on Nov. 8, 2014
Misty arrived Jan. 8, 2014 - one of the Lenhartsville mares.  Misty is a 25-26'ish yr old 15.2 hh Percheron-cross mare whose owner could no longer maintain her little herd. HHER offered to intake Misty, whom we are told was a beginner lesson /trail horse. Evaluation showed a persistent ringbone type arthritic lameness in her left front. Over the course of late winter-early spring Misty started having weight loss issues despite teeth floating, extra meals, treatment for potential parasites, etc.  Mid-Spring it was decided that this senior lady would stay here with us through her Golden Years.   



 Sadly Passed, Sept. 18, 2014 . . . Cassidy


Cassidy - Baby Ethan is weaned and we are now working with Cassidy to get her ready for adoption.  Please check back!

Since she will be with us for several months or more, please consider a donation or sponsorship of Cassidy and her upcoming foal.    Donate using the button above.  

 After much deliberation, we've decided to name this girl "Cassidy", for now to be known as "Momma Cass" ;)


Aug 9, 2013 - This little lady joined us this afternoon. Originally #255 from Camelot on 5/2/13, she's in 'the family way' and needed a soft place to land. We're expecting our bundle of joy in the next 2-4 weeks and a Baby Shower is in order!!








 Gracie -

June 7, 2014 - WE lost Gracie late this afternoon. 
She was fine and then she wasn't. Gracie enjoyed a beautiful day with her turnout friends, had some nice personal time -- grooming and loving with our volunteers and then right before 4 pm she suddenly began colicking which quickly escalated. Eli arrived within the hour. A rectal exam revealed a torsion of her intestine and insertion of the gastric-nasal tube gave us reflux. When none of the administered meds improved her comfort, we made the decision to put her to sleep.
Gracie was a grand old girl who lives on in her sons Lakota and Taino. She was a wonderful, sweet soul and we'll miss her tremendously. 




Gracie arrived Dec. 5, 2012 -
March 7 update: 

Gracie: 28 yrs young. Based on her freezebrand, we have recently ID’d her as a breeding stock/non-colored Appaloosa mare --GG's Penny Lover, solid sorrel/chestnut Appaloosa, Foaling date: April 8, 1985. 

Gracie is doing well -- she had her teeth floated on 1/10/13. She steadily gaining weight. She's sweet and gentle, but will hold her own with other horses, so a good companion. She is on a senior diet, is currently also receiving Amplify Nuggets to regain weight. She can eat some hay, but we also give her soaked alfalfa cubes.. 
We would LOVE to line up an adoptive/permanent foster home for her. Please PM me if interested Due to her age, we'd like to keep her close to the NJ area, she shouldn't have to travel far.

Gracie is a "Legacy". We took in her 4 mo old baby Dakota 2 yrs ago (now adopted to a wonderful home) and networked her 2 yr old boy Charley into another wonderful home. Now Ms Gracie needed some help--Hers mom followed a job to the West Coast last year and was boarding her locally here. She just lost her job out there and contacted me yesterday, I'm glad she did...and so is she. Mom had NO IDEA the condition that Grace is in, until she saw the photos we took. She's as upset as the rest of us. Let's look forward and not back, and please let's make Gracie a group-effort. 

The vet did a preliminary exam upon arrival  Grace is mid-20's, her heart sound fine, she's bright and alert, she does need to gain about 100 lbs, she does have teeth, but they have a 'wave' to them, so will need some work in the near futre. We know a fair amount of her history and she has no underlying lameness issues to hinder her recovery and once at optimum weight, would be able to pony small children around. 

Please consider a donation or sponsorship for Gracie's care. Yes she's an old girl, but I think she can still regain some of her former glory. PayPal: [email protected]

 Thank You.


  Gracie 2 yrs ago with baby Dakota







 May 20, 2014 -  I am sharing the loss of AJ this evening. This wonderful senior gentleman was laid to rest a little while ago. Late this afternoon he was down and only got to his feet with great difficulty and was unable to stay up, showing signs of disquiet and discomfort. We kept him quiet and comfortable until Eli arrived and he passed quietly.

AJ worked hard his whole life, 24/7, and while he was only with us about 9 months, it was a well-earned retirement with love, attention and a love interest, Cammie, to spend his days with. He made an impression on many here with his dignified and subtle personality. He will be missed. 
 AJ - May 20, 2014

 AJ - Arrived late summer, 2013.  He arrived via the 'underground railroad', from a life spent working daily, 7 days a week for over 24 yrs.  Our goal is to give AJ the best life possible, full of enjoyment, companionship and leisure.  We were told he was 28 yrs old, we're thinking he's closer to 30, if not there or over it.  











 Feb 12,2014 - SLIM

I am so very sorry to share that Slim passed away a little while ago. 
Eli was in attendance and he passed quietly, gently and with dignity. 
Despite our best efforts, and despite the signs of improvement, they were only temporary. When Slim began showing signs of septicemia, we knew that it was time to let him go.

The most probably cause is an enterolith, a 'stone' that forms around a foreign object in the horse's GI tract. They usually form in the large intestine and while they're small, they cause no problem. However, as they enlarge they cause blockages - sometimes permanent, sometimes shifting around. Shifting of an enterolith would account for the temporary improvements that we saw Mon and Tues. 

I want to THANK Olga Gladwin for taking such wonderful care of Slim these last few years, and loving him so and ensuring that he had a wonderful life. I also want to thank Olga for entrusting him into my care and giving me the chance to get to know and love Slim first hand. 

And Thank You to Doc Eli for being there at a moment's notice these last few days, every time Slim needed you.




 Keller - July 17, 2013

 While I am saddened to share that Keller was euthanized tonite due to the effects of a probable-stroke, rather than feeling sorrow at his passing, I want to cherish his memory and celebrate his life. Keller had a long life, a life that I think was well-lived. If Keller wasn't 50 years old, he was pretty darned close to it. He enjoyed life and was spry for his age. He spent most of the last almost-5 years hanging with Simon, his best buddy, and I worried for him after Simon's passing. And despite the extra attention given him, Keller became increasingly frail the past couple weeks, leading to his passing today. I like to think that these 2 friends are now enjoying their company again on the other side, hanging under a shade tree and scratching each others itchy spots. 
~  Keller - July 17, 2013.

Keller playing with Hayley New Year's Eve, 2010






  June 24, 2013 - Simon was laid to rest this afternoon. He had a long life, over 30 years, and he seemed content and happy for the past 4 1/2 years spent with us -- snacking, snoozing, hanging with Keller, being groomed and loved by Jane, savoring Stud Muffins lovingly supplied by Wendy. Before he arrived, his life was that of an Amish work-horse, and when he could no longer do a day's work, he was discarded at New Holland. When he arrived here, so sad, my goal was to help him 'find his smile'.

And he did. I am so incredibly saddened to lose him today, but we'll always have the memories of our endearing, funny, sweet, handsome and noble friend. Rest in Peace Simon. 





Amber - March 9, 2013Over the past couple of months Amber has become increasing fragile. Since the loss of Lily, she's been unsettled and unhappy, head hanging more often than not. Her eyes were telling me she was tired. Those eyes told me she was ready to move on. It was a heart-breaking decision. After much thought, consideration and soul-searching this week, we decided to choose the circumstances of her passing rather than having an emergent situation take away that choice and cause a possibly painful end. Yesterday was a bright and beautiful warm sunny day. Amber spent time being groomed, spoiled with sweets and treats and lounging peacefully in the sun. Before the sun went down and the day cooled, Amber passed peacefully. We hope that she and Lily are again hanging together on the other side. Rest in Peace Amber, your gentle soul will be remembered. 1981 - March 9, 2013.


AMBER is Safe!   - Oct. 29 --"Amber" has arrived!!

  Camelot - 10/26/11   -#894 - This poor girl needs a home!! 15.2 hh aged Chestnut Mare. QH. Needs weight and love. She was announced as 30 YEARS OLD!! Led thru. Looks like our Yogi. . . 






Lily was laid to rest this afternoon, Feb 18, 2013. She passed quickly and peacefully. This morning she started with her 4th colic episode since Feb 3 and we knew it was time. All indications were that she had a moveable obstruction that was only going to cause more frequent and painful colics. At 30+ yrs, Lily was not a surgical candidate. She will be missed very much. She had a long productive life and in the past couple years, on a semi-retired basis, started several youngsters on their lifelong journeys into horsemanship. Lily-girl, run free like the wind now.







Oct. 26, 2012 - We made another hard decision this week. Cocoa was humanely euthanized a little while ago. 

  You have seen Cocoa’s x-rays in her Facebook album. They show extreme laminitis changes. Daisy Alexis Bicking very generously took the time to review the x-rays and came out this past Tuesday to see Cocoa personally. 
Many of you may know that Daisy operates a farrier practice that specializes in the rehabilitation of laminitic and foundered horses. She spent quite a while with us and the conclusion was that very sadly, there was nothing that could be done to improve Cocoa’s condition so that she could live a normal life without pain. 

Although we only took xrays of the front hooves, Cocoa was most likely foundered on all 4, based on the way she stood tipped onto her hind toes. The xrays also indicated poor/thin bone density and she could have faced a break in the future as well should she step wrong or turn suddenly. Based on the damage, she had probably suffered repeated laminitic episodes, all of which went unnoticed, and untreated by her previous owner, who we contacted. Last week Cocoa began showing laminitic pain as soon as we treated her ulcers and she started eating. As she continued to gain weight, even though we could have kept her on a very restricted diet, she most likely would have continued experience increased pulse and pain in her feet.

So, after consulting with both our vet and Daisy, we chose to put Cocoa to rest.

 Cocoa ~  Oct. 6, 2012 This little Lady is SAFE and coming to HHER (THANK YOU ERIN!!). BUT, that's just the first step. She's thin and has a right front club foot that she's currently lame on. She needs care: QT and groceries, veterinary exam and probable x-rays to establish what needs to be done alleviate the lameness and then regular farriery to get that hoof as balanced and correct as possible. 

#129 Haffie, 13.3H, mare, very sweet, gently took treats and lifted all feet. Front right foot is club foot. Very calm, green broke, led thru. $250.














10/4/12 ~ Reilly was quietly laid to rest today.   After much thought, research, discussion and just plain old observation of Reilly over the past week since his vet exam, we came to realize that Reilly's quality of life has not been very high.  He's had "that look" in his eye.  Every move he made was governed with the idea of protecting his knee(s).  Reilly was a 5 yr old TB that did not run and play, when moving around the field he only occasionally broke into a short trot before returning to the walk.  He avoided contact with the other horses and spent most of his turnout time in the shed, only coming out to eat and drink.  Administration of Bute and Prevacox did nothing to diminish his discomfort. With the diagnosis and prognosis made based on the x-rays and our vets' experience, we knew that this was "the best" he was going to be.  That he faced only more discomfort and pain in the future as the knee continued to deteriorate.   The saddest, most frustrating part?  When he first walked off that racetrack, limping, the surgical insertion of a $1,500 screw would have made all the difference in his life.

So, these last couple of days, Reilly received time, attention and treats to make up for the pain and shortened life.  He passed quickly and I surely hope he is now galloping madly about the fields like a young thoroughbred should.  

  9/27/12 - UPDATE - A couple of light rides has exacerbated the stiffness and soreness in Reilly's knees. While he initially worked out of the stiffness, in following days it returned, even while in pasture. Vet exam confirmed that the initial lameness was the left knee. The right is probably stiff and sore from shifting his weight from the 'bad' leg. X-rays were taken of the left knee today. Results and prognosis are NOT good. There is an incredible amount of damage and calcification from an untreated slab fracture. It will continue to "quickly" deteriorate and calcify, even on a light (2-3x/wk light ride work-schedule) or no work/lawn ornament lifestyle. How quickly? A couple of years. He is already uncomfortable as he doesn't move around much in turnout, not playing as one would expect from a 5 yr old thoroughbred. . . .

Arrived at HHER on 9/14/12.  Reilly is a 5 coming 6 years old TB gelding, currently 16.1 hh.

HHER took Reilly in to facilitate his adoptive-Mom adopting a more suitable horse from our Courtesy List. Reilly was Hip #752 at Camelot on 5/30/12.
He is a very good boy, but now that he’s gotten groceries and is healthy, he was a bit too much horse for his timid advanced beginner owner. 
Reilly is sound, but should not have a jumping career as he has some athritic changes to his knee. He arrived from Camelot a bit off on the front right, but a proper hoof trim and some chiropractic solved that issue. 




Rest in Peace Bruce --- Aug. 20, 2012 --

There's no easy way to say this...We lost Bruce today...the last few months we've been working to keep him comfortable...meds, massage and infrared light therapy. Sadly the cumulative affects to his musculature, limbs and joints as he off-loaded his damaged stifle was also taking their toll. This morning Bruce was having great difficulty carrying himself and we knew it was time to let him go. 

Eli arrived within the hour and Bruce passed quietly and peacefully after noshing handfuls of his favorite muffins. Bruce was one of HHER's first rescues (July 3, '08), and we consider Lauren Van Metre his person, as she was his loving adopter until a change of circumstance dictated his return to us. He's left his hoof prints on our hearts. ♥ ♥ Bruce.

 Big Boy Bruce is a 16.2 hh, 13 yr old Brabant Draft.

HHER pulled him out of Camelot's back feed lot on 7/3/08.  He has a permanently damaged right hind stifle that makes him only light-riding sound. He maintains on Bute or Prevacox.

His Adoption fee is $500 and he's available to the NJ-tri-state area.


We would LOVE to adopt him out with FINSTER, who he has bonded with. They are quite the Odd Couple. Finster needs to be maintained with large/strong-minded horses or he's a holy terror. (See Finster below)

  ~ Bruce -  Originally Pulled from a NJ Feed Lot on July 3, 2008 ~  Bruce is a drop-dead gorgeous Brabant Draft Gelding.  I spotted him in the local Feet Lot, awaiting a trip to the slaughter pipe-line.

  Bruce's only 'crime' was wind up there was to have an injury to his stifle.  The stifle had been healed he stifle is slowly healing, he is being treated topically and with bute.   He may need to have the ligaments running over the stifle joint injected.  Otherwise, he is sweet and Gorgeous. (Pull Fee: $650)





 Cooper  (a/k/a Mini Cooper)

May 24, 2012 ~I am absolutely devastated to share that we lost Cooper during his gelding procedure this afternoon. Everything was proceeding normally to the end of the procedure when his heart just stopped. Despite Doc Eli's efforts, we could not revive him. Please say a little prayer for our little guy.   We are comforting ourselves that Cooper knew plenty of attention and love; he lived his life fully every day he was here; and when he passed, it was without pain or suffering. He was sleeping and quietly slipped away. ♥







Cooper ran thru Camelot as his mother's side on 6/1/11, #952. He was about 2 1/2 months old.  A good friend purchased he and his Mom out as they were both getting sick. Cooper is now under auspices of HHER.
Cooper will hang out and grow up with Zephyr for a few months, be gelded this fall (probably Oct) and made available for adoption then. Check back with us for updated photos.

 Boys Will Be Boys ---First Time outTogether:

 Sarah K. Andrew photos of Zephyr  (adopted) & Mini Cooper ~

Note:   Our little Cooper passed away very unexpected May 24, 2012 during a routine gelding procedure.  Rest In Peace little man.....  


Rest in Peace Sweet Graham.
Gallop free and easy now. . 

January1, 2012 - Yogi suffered a minor stroke the Friday before Christmas, and though he rallied with the meds, he'd become increasingly weak and wobbly over the course of this week. The last couple days he could not stand for long, laying down most of the time, and while cheerful for his food and treats, I could see that Yogi was a very tired gentleman, with that faraway look in his eye. So this afternoon, on a pretty, warm, sunny day, Yogi was laid to rest. He left us peacefully and quietly. He will be missed by us as well as by his buddies. Rest in Peace Yogi.



Yogi -- We've confirmed Yogi to be beyond the "30 yrs +" age-frame.  Due to this, we are designating Yogi as a Permanent Resident.  We would LOVE a couple of sponsors for this gentleman who worked for his whole life and now deserves a peaceful retirement.  

 October 29, 2010 --Yogi has arrived at hher! This 30++ year old QH gentleman (I'm told that he is approx 30 yrs and that his QH papers were hand-written!!).  He would love a sponsor or two... He is an owner relinquishment that more than earned his keep as a lesson/show horse for years.  Now, in his Golden Years, he needed a safe haven to avoid going to Sale. 



Bart - Nov. 7, 2011 - I am sad to announce that our Bart has passed on. He passed quietly and peacefully, on his own terms. i wish to Thank Kim Keogh for caring for Bart fur the past year and a half for us. Barn was #732 from the 5/19/10 Camelot Sale. He was extremely aged, mostly blind and the last man standing that week. HHER pulled him, and Kim cared for him for us, integrating him into her "visually impaired" group.





 July 10 - Moved to his "Forever Foster" Home

May 23, 2010 ~"Bart" is SAFE with HHER.  From the 5/19 Camelot Sale -- This gentleman is QT'ing with Nicole B.  A cursory exam this a.m. shows that this boy is pretty limited in his vision.  He will need a very special home.


#732- Liver Chestnut Gelding, with a snotty nose, needs groceries, led thru, absolutely no info at all . . .$175.00
  Bart had a dental --his front teeth are broken, probably from a fall from his near total blindness, he has so few teeth that the vet could not make a determination  of his age. 




 DODGER- April 4, 2011
We are saddened to share that Dodger was humanely euthanized this afternoon. He passed quickly and peacefully. We had conferred with a surgeon and three vets to ascertain the feasibility and prognosis for success. Sadly, the prognosis was not good. The damage was very severe with a very poor chance of improvement even with the surgery and months of splinting and stall rest. This should have been done when the issue first presented. They're assuming that he had been that way for the past 9 - 12 months. :*(
February 19, 2011 ~ Helping Hearts Equine Rescue and Liberty Equine Rescue are working jointly to provide a more complete medical evaluation for #557, who was on the Camelot Available List last week, 2/9/11. #557 QH gelding 14.2H and 2 years $150.  (Dental Exam proved that Dodger was only 15/18 months old)

When his condition became more apparent after auction, he was pulled from the Available List for a preliminary veterinary evaluation. It was determined that he has contracted tendons, most likely due to congenital development. He hobbles, rather than walks. His prognosis is unknown. There might have been opportunity to correct his condition at a younger age, but not possible at age two. the preliminary vetting showed that he should not trailered for any long distance. He must be kept on dry, level ground, alone or with a non-aggressive companion.

Due to his incredibly sweet demeanor, we would like to assist him, by determining if there is any hope for a comfortable existence.

THANK YOU to everyone who donated toward  Dodger's pull fee, QT and initial exam!!


 Scotty -

I wish to take a moment to memorialize Scotty, a much-loved HHER-rescue who passed away Friday, Feb 11. We pulled an aged TB lesson-horse out of the Feed Lot in May, '09. Harry P. offered to 'forever-foster' Scotty a month later. Harry took such loving, dedicated, above-and-beyond care of him, I could not have asked for a better or more loving placement for him. Thank You Harry for loving and caring for Scotty. Scotty - your spirit is now free to run & roam.




Tabitha~ Humanely euthanized Oct. 19, 2010 due to complications of her hoof neglect.

Sept. 14 -- Tabby has seemed a bit too sore-footed again.  Dr. Perris came out.  Her feet are still 'transitioning'.  She had an abcess pop out the coronary band on the left front and he discovered a 'canker' under the frog of her right front foot.  Both feet need to be treated the same.  We are packing them with SMZ powder and wrapping them.  

 Sadly, We lost Hunter, Tabitha's son, to a total intestinal blockage at 1:30 a.m. on Sept. 16.  He is missed, Tabitha is getting extra TLC and attention to get her thru losing her son/companion.



Aug 8 - Little by Little, Tabitha is walking better, but still has a long way to go.   Now that Lusy has left for her new home, I've been able to separate Tabitha & Hunter.  There were a couple days of screaming from Hunter -- weaning from Mom at 6yrs of age!!  


 Tabitha Has a Helping Heart!!

 ~Victoria Campo


  Hunter ~  Rest in Peace little man ~ 2004 - Thurs., Sept., 16, 2010.













 Hunter passed peacefully with Lisa and Dr. Perris at his side, at 1:30 a.m.  

 Penny - - "Went to Heaven" December 11, 2009 - 

Penny spent the last year and a half of her life with us.  She was pulled Memorial Day of '08.   A slightly 'crochety' old lady who enjoyed grooming and scratches -- doted on one on one attention.  Sadly, her age, estimated at over 30 yrs, started to take it's toll and we decided to let her go peacefully before things advanced too far.  Rest in Peace Penny. 

Thank You to her special "Helping Hearts" who sponsored her - - Jane Bunting, Spirit Conley and her "Equine Steward".  



REST IN PEACE TROY - - November 10, 2009

 Nov. 9: Update on Troy - -The biopsy results came back this evening on Troy's nose, and it isn't good.  It's an aggressive form of squamous cell carcinoma.   The smell is the actual tissue dying and going necrotic.   We could try the surgery, very expensive, and we would have to excise so much tissue to make sure we got it all . . .with no real guarantee . . . . just not very feasible and the recovery would be painful, at 18 yrs of age . . .  Sooooo, sadly, we'll be putting him down tomorrow. 

He's such a sweet, sweet boy.   At least he'll go gently and loved and not 'the other way'. 

Nov. 4: The wound on Troy's nostril continues to be non-healing, though the Naxcel (stronger antibiotic) seems to be getting the infection under control - - it doesn't smell as rancid anymore.  Today the vet took some tissue and fluid for pathology to see what we're dealing with  It's looking less and less like a 'normal' abcess or puncture wound -- the inside of the nostril cavity is just ragged and raw.  We may need to make a decision for Troy, if we need to excise all of the infected/damaged tissue, he'll need to go to surgery at a clinic - - which will most likely be in excess of $1,200, probably closer to $2K - - HHER doesn't have the funds . . . .  all donations are tax deductible and will go directly towards Troy's needs. 

 Sept. 21 - We went to pick up "Benji" this a.m., and Frank showed me this guy - -

Rest in Peace Finnigan - Sept. 23, 2009


 Sept. 23:   Sad News on the HHER front - - Finnigan went down again at noontime; he had a very, very difficult time getting back up, if Rigo hadn't steadied him on his last attempt, he probably would have flopped back down again- - When he got up, he was limping on his right front, so he did hurt himself . . .and then walking him, he was really 'listing' to one side, side-walking, not really able to support himself.  Eli came out and he went very peacefully and quickly.  We can comfort ourselves in knowing that Finnigan spent the last two months of his life loved, totally spoiled with a best friend to spend his time with. . . he stayed quite chipper 'til the end, but ultimately was ready for the transition . . .

 8/5:  Finnigan (L) & Gulliver (R), are proving to have formed quite a strong friendship. When turned out, they spend every moment shoulder to shoulder. Once they're ready, I would love to see them adopted out together.   See their stories on the 'Our Rescues' Page.


~~~~~~~~~Summer ~~ Rest in Peace - July 20.

A Sad Day . . .

July 20:  A beautiful day, but a very sad one . . . Summer had an impaction colic this afternoon--Eli arrived 30 minutes after I called;  after administering Banamine, oiling, IV fluids, more meds, we still couldn't get her comfortable.  The pain kept breaking thru the meds, sooo uncomfortable . . . and she'd proven to be rather stoic about discomfort. . . up and down, pawing, rolling, increasingly painful even with the meds.  So, after much soul-searching I decided to put her down . . .at her age and no funds, no option for surgery . .  . Damn it!  Such a nice, sweet, affectionate girl.

 June 30 ~  Thanks to the generous response from our "Email-Team", we were able to pick  up "Summer" from the horse dealer today. Summer went thru the auction last week and was purchased for slaughter.  She is a gorgeous palomino QH mare, blind in one eye, but reportedly rode thru the auction very quiet.  I can tell you that she is very sweet, and though worried at the auction-house, immediately became calm and relaxed upon arriving "home". We will bathe her tomorrow and treat her for rainrot and scratches.July 1:  Butch Dase was here and so he worked on Summer's teeth for us.   Unbelievably, Summer was aged at mid-20's!!  This lady is in great shape!

July 3: Got on her today, lovely lovely horse.  Walks out fine, neck reins; willingly
trots, but feels arthritic - - gonna start her on glucosamine--didn't ask
her to canter or do too much - - her back is raw from the rainrot scabs
coming off.   She's going to be fine light riding/walk trail horse.


   Angel passed July 2, 2009 - -

Angel is our Parking-Lot-Pony.  Went over to Camelot Auction last Weds (12/10) to check out a Dressage Mare that I was alerted to.  While there a woman in the parking lot offered me the pony.  She knew that otherwise she would wind up going for slaughter.  So, of course, I took her home.  Angel is approx. 15 yrs old and is blind in her right eye.    This poor girl is proving to be very sweet and is deserving of a kind home with lots of love. 

    Thank You to my Helping Hearts: ~Pat & Chris Davis






Belle -

 Pulled from the Kill Pen Dec. 17, 2009 - - Passed on May 21, 2009.

  Belle was a very sweet and gentle lady.  She had a lot of dignity and was always gentle and kind.






"McCain" was found wandering loose in Manalapan on 11/13. Animal Control was contacted and they called us.  He's suffering from starvation and pnuemonia, is approx. 30 years old.  There's no need for this folks - - this guy's a 0 - 1 on the Heinecke scale.  Just because he's old, doesn't mean he deserves to be starved.  We hope to nurse him back to health and make his Golden Years truly Golden:  .See the News Story on McCain:  NJ - Wandering horse gets help in Millstone Twp.


 These are 'before' and 'after', covered with feces and filth upon arrival (above), and after Ida Howell scrubbed the crud off of him.  

 Weds., Nov. 19:  It is with great sadness that I must share the news that we lost McCain this afternoon.  Rigo called me into the barn, McCain had gone down and couldn't get back up--we tried several times to help him up, but he just didn't have the strength.  He just looked so drawn and tired.   Goodness knows what this poor guy endured in the last few weeks and months of his life.  Eli Perris, our vet, was only a few minutes away as he was on his way  for Simon, and he quickly arrived.  Between the 3 men, they got him to his feet, but McCain was so shakey and weak, we knew he'd go down again without us there to hold him up.  And so we decided to let him go.  It was only 7 days, but it was seven days of being warm, dry, clean, with a full belly and I think, knowing that he was with people that cared about him.  The consensus here is that he knew that he was safe, and it was now OK to 'let go'.   Thank You everyone for your support and well-wishes for McCain in the past week.

McCain - Assured of a place in Heaven - Nov. 19, 2008



     KIRBY ~ Laid to Rest  ~ ~ Nov 3, 2008

Thank you everyone for your support during Kirby's time with us and during his illness, both emotional and financial. Especially The Schneller family and Aimee French and her family - -both these families had expressed interest in adopting this wonderful boy.  

 In the Kill Pen on 9/29.  I met "Kirby", when I went to pay Mason's pull fee.  While helping a friend record the brands on a couple of mustangs that had been abandoned at the auction house, this lovely Arab gelding came over and put his head on my shoulder.   At that moment, I knew that I could not let him go to slaughter.  After publicizing his plight, several folks came forward offering to help and/or pull him - - -after receiving a specific phone call, I thought that a private pull had been arranged for this guy.   The morning of Oct 2, the day that the horses in the kill-pen were due to ship out, I decided to call to make sure this guy had been claimed.  Thank God I did, the woman who was so enthusiastic about pulling him, never did.   I ran over and paid his $350 pull fee; and I brought him to safety on Oct. 6.  If I hadn't made that phone call, this lovely, sweet, 15 yr old Arabian would have shipped to slaughter.   Folks, if you tell me that you're going to pull a horse that I'm networking to save, then change your mind, please email or call me back to let me know.   Kirby was saved, but a friendly and sound Appaloosa gelding did ship to slaughter because ANOTHER party told me they were taking him; and didn't.  I did not have the resources or facility to save 2 horses that day . . . . .

Oct 24 ~  We are currently evaluating Kirby under saddle.  He's going to be a very nice ride.  He's proving to have nice basics, but he shows signs of having been 'waa-hooed' around, initially very tense, he's quickly realizing he can trust his rider not to be rough and/or scarey!  He's a super guy!!!!  A month of training sessions should have him swingy and relaxed!!




Oliver Twist ~ ~~   Rest in Peace Sweet Boy  - August 21, 2008  

Thank you to my "Helping Hearts" Ida Howell and Toni Monar!


  Oliver became out 'Poster-boy'.  Pulled from a backyard on Oct. 6, 2007, he was a victim of long-term starvation and neglect:   

May, '08:   Oliver's gained approx. 300 lbs and is shedding out his winter coat.  We've leveled off  his feed as we don't want him gaining any more.   Don't want to put too much weight on his joints and ligaments.  His body structure hasn't carried this much weight in years!!  He's had some aches and pains, I believe, associated with carrying a normal weight.  A little Bute keeps him comfortable and happy. He loves attention and apples!

 Update:  January 9, 2008                            

     February 18, 2008 -Well over 100 lbs gained      October 7, the day after he arrived     

  Oliver w/Toni M., his Helping Heart!

Meet Oliver Twist, one tough pony.  Oliver arrived Sat., Oct., 6, '07 - - a long-term case of neglect and starvation.  A friend found him locally, existing in a backyard situation.   His body condition was a number 1 on the Henneke Scale-an objective evaluation of a horse's body condition.  Horses are rated on a scale of 1 to 10.  5 is an ideal weight.  Our Vet, Dr. Perris said that he had never seen a horse so emaciated that was still alive. 


It was 'touch and go' when Oliver first arrived.  While he was very enthusiastic about eating anything offered, we had to be careful to only feed small amounts several times a day.   Due to long-term starvation, his digestive tract was not fully functioning and didn't have the muscular strength to push food thru and push the waste out.  A few days after he arrived, Oliver's G.I. tract did indeed shut down and we were very afraid we were going to lose him.    


Thanks to intensive emergency vet care administered by Dr. Elias Perris and his assistant Lisa, as well as to all of the hands-on assistance from everyone in the barn  Oliver pulled through a very harrowing week.   And I must give a special Thank You to Chris, my hubby, for rolling up his sleeves and manually evacuating Oliver's rectal cavity every few hours, to keep this horse alive while I was on an overnight roadtrip to retrieve another good equine friend.   We wound up doing this for several days until Oliver's digestive system was able to "re-boot" and start doing the job itself again.  


Oliver is now doing very well and loving life.  He even occasionally canters up the hill when we call him in to eat!!  It's a sight to behold!  As you can see by the photos, he has probably gained at least 100 lbs so far. I think another 75 -100 pounds should do the trick!    He is down to eating 5 meals a day, 2 lbs of Hay Stretcher  and 1/2 lb of Carb-Guard at each meal, mixed with hot water to make a mush that he can easily eat and digest.    Due to the condition of his teeth, Oliver cannot chew hay, though he has no problem grazing and eating grass.  The Hay Stretcher pellets are a hay substitute and gives him the fiber that his body needs to keep his digestive tract functioning properly.   Oliver also arrived with a whopping case of rain rot, a bacterial and fungal infection of the skin, that is nearly cleared up.  I think we'll have a round, shiney guy strolling around the farm come spring.


Butch Dase, equine dentist, came out this week and did some dentistry to follow up the work that Dr. Perris performed upon Oliver's arrival.  He asked me how old the horse was, I told him YOU tell ME!   He looked at his teeth and said OLD  and when pressed as to how old, said "30", give or take.   You would never know it to see the sparkle in Oliver's eye, he's got a very young face.  He's very expressive and very opinionated!!   Let's hope he continues to express his opinions at Chestnut Ridge for a very long time!!

 Oliver, upon arrival, skinny and dehydrated - Oct. 6, 2007:


WEEBLES ~  July 14, 2008

Pictured with Bruce in this kill pen photos is "Weebles" (on L., w/halter).  He was the last horse pulled from the kill pen on Monday, 7/7.  Weebles was left behind several times as he showed signs of neurological impairment.  Several people donated funds to cover his pull fee and we brought him home to a safe haven.  (Pull fee:$450.00)

    A vet exam diagnosed EPM - a serious neurologic deterioration caused by a parasite.  Treatment with Marquis was begun (Thank you Barb C. for donating his treatment).  Weebles' condition  continued to deteriorate for the first 3 days, then stabilized temporarily with the use of IV steriods, DMSO and Banamine--these drugs are routinely administered for 3 days w/the Marquis until it hits a blood level and begins to eliminate the parasites and the horse begins to show recovery.  Unfortunately, as the anti-inflammatories flushed from Weebles' system, he exhibited increased neurological deterioration.  With a heavy heart, the decision was made to euthanize.  Weebles left this world on Mon., 7/14 - - no longer unwanted, many prayers went with him.  He was a sweet and affectionate horse who deserved more than being 'dumped' by his owner in his time of need.  Though we lost him, he died in a safe haven with dignity, not collapsing and being trampled on a trailer on his way to Canada or dragged into a slaughter plant via tractor and chain.


Heavey Harvey ~August 15, 2008

Not to be Forgotten . . . . . "Heavey Harvey"

Sometimes "Rescue" doesn't entail "SAVING" a life, but bringing them "home" to enable the animal to pass with dignity.  "Harvey" was in the local kill pen--he would have shipped to slaughter--a good, sweet QH gelding in his '20s, relinquished to the pen owner by an owner who just couldn't be bothered anymore.   He was afflicted with advanced heaves as well as a possibly cancerous condition in his left eye.   Helping Hearts picked him up on 8/9 on behalf of NEER and the Alex Brown Forum FOB's (Friends of Barbaro), who was alerted to his condition; gave him plenty of food and affection and then put him gently to sleep on 8/15.  Rest in Peace . . . . .


  My Sweet, Impish Abigail ~

   30+ yrs old - recovered from starvation and neglect, lost too soon to heart failure


We picked up this sweetheart on a cold, rainy Sunday in November of ’06—a victim of neglect and starvation.   She was soaking wet and hypothermic.  It took hours to get her core body temperature up.   The first photo doesn't do justice to how thin she was, having a thick haircoat due to Cushings.  If  I rubbed my hands on both sides of her neck at the same time, I could feel the opposite fingers/knuckles thru her neck!!

Abigail had severely overgrown hooves with rotated coffin bones from re-occuring bouts of laminitis, She initially was very weak, couldn’t stand for long periods, but she was always very chipper and had a strong will.   She slowly gained weight, In January of ’07 she went thru a surgery to improve her comfort level in her feet.  Always gentle and affectionate, she basked in everyone’s attention and affection.  Abigail proved to have almost no teeth, and  it was estimated that she was  between 30-40 yrs. Old.  We fed her a Timothy pellet/senior feed / supplements mash several times a day.  We perfected  this mash with Abigail and are using it successfully again with Oliver.

My  goal was to have this girl again enjoy the warm, sunny days of Spring.  She continued to recover steadily. Spring began to arrive and she did enjoy the warmth and sunshine of those days.  However, the end of March of ’07, she began to again lose weight and energy.  We nursed her thru it, but when she began showing signs of distress which was diagnosed as symptoms of a straining heart, she was humanely euthanized.  Although she was with us only a few months, she made a lasting impression.  To have lived such a long life, she must have once been some child’s (perhaps several children) much loved pony.   To find her in the condition she was in---that after years of care she then endured years of  neglect and starvation is incredible  . . . .though we lost her too soon, we are grateful that she was again able to experience love and security before she left us.


Jasmine - - A Horse we never had the chance to meet, but will never forget.  

Sometimes, we're just too late . . . .. this mare never made it to our farm.  I spotted her on the Broker Page of Another Chance 4 Horses website Dec. '07 and contacted Christy to pull her.  We planned on making her Helping Hearts' first "official" pull.  Christy had first seen this mare in the summer of '07 and she was listed on the Broker page back then. At the time she was offered with another mare - - a matched team, I guess.  The mares went thru another auction, and probably made the rounds of auctions for several months.   In December another broker bought her, now alone, no longer with her team-mate.  Christy remembered her from the summer, and put her on the site a second time.  I told Christy we wanted her and named her Jasmine in anticipation of bringing her home.  But then Christy contacted me -- the mare was failing, she was just giving up, possibly broken-hearted from being separated from her partner, and most likely the last few months were just too much for her . . . . . . we lost her before we ever got her 'home'.