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 Hey! We were invited by Susan Lax of the Hunterdon County Chamber of Commerce (and ESDCTA President) to be her guest on her Hunterdon County (NJ) Chamber Internet Radio Show on Friday, June 15.  We got to talk horses, rescues and Helping Hearts!!

 The show ran from 10-11 a.m. and was archived on their internet radio station.  It can be listened to by going to
(Avoid the first 6 minutes of commercials by clicking the bar forward)

 If you have any trouble going directly to archive, you can access the website and THEN click on Archive, then Susan Lax – Hands across Hunterdon. .. scroll down to June 15.  


 Helping Hearts Alumni Chase was on The David Letterman Show July 21, 2011.   David Letterman and Harrison Ford took a ride around the block in NYC.  David Letterman rode Chase - - 
From This - - 

 Nov. 1~Chase has been transferred to The Sanctuary for animals in Wesstown, NY .

Chase - 8 yr old appendix QH- We're looking for a very special home for Chase -- Chase is from the April 16 Sale (#580). He was "gifted" to HHER to keep him safe. He's an 8/9 yr. appendix QH with laminitis issues. He came in lame & is slowly improving. Vet exam/xrays show a 5 & 7 degree rotation of coffin bones. He'll only be lightly rideable for a light rider as he will be 'serviceably sound'. Chase is extremely sweet/personable w/super ground manners. He needs a home w/someone who understands the needs of laminitic horses. He will go out on a HHER Foster Agreement.
May14 Update --  Due to increased lameness, xrays were taken of  Chase's front feet.  Not great news -- old laminitis damage, 7 degree rotation of the right coffin bone and 5 degree rotation of the left.   Per the xrays, we removed a lot of toe to help realign things and to ease the breakover of his step.    Chase is NOT the best patient.  I think he's had a lot of 'fiddling' prior to his arrival and he's pretty tired of it. . . fingers crossed. . .
 TO THIS!! ~~

LOOK!! LOOK!! LOOK!! David Letterman is riding Helping Hearts' very own CHASE!!! After rehabbing with us (and discovering the founder changes that would preclude him from being a "full-time working" boy) Chase went to The Sanctuary for Animals in Wesstown, NY. The Sanctuary's animals are often featured in TV, Film and stage.


Feb 19- Update -- Rescues have rallied and have taken in 12 of the equines in need.
We have 4 more youngsters still waiting for rehab and a home.  2 fillies & 2 colts, approx. 2 +/- yrs of age.   Any pvt individuals or pvt rescues interested, please contact me.  They will need to execute an Agreement with HHER regarding accepting care, custody & control of the younster, along with future adoption/resale of the animal (we just need to be notified and a copy of the Contract supplied to us upon rehoming).
 Feb 10 - We are working on placing a large number of emaciated TB's that will need intake into "local" bona fide, 501(c)3 rescue groups in the NJ/Tri-State area. Due to the sensitive nature of the situation, I can't post specific info, but I would LOVE TO GET DONATIONS towards the Coggins' for these girls, that way they'll be ready to go as rescues are able to take them in. We still need $170 from the original total of $320.

Helping Hearts Equine Rescue is pleased to announce that we have been awarded a grant through Build-A-Bear Workshop’s Bearemy’s Kennel Pals® Grant Program in the amount of $2,500.

 Bearemy’s Kennel Pals is a collection of plush dogs that generates funds for the support of pet programs such as ours.  Build-A-Bear Workshop® donates one dollar from the sale of each full-sized furry friend to the Build-A-Bear Workshop Bear Hugs Foundation to support domestic pet programs including local animal shelters, stray pet rescue and rehabilitation organizations, pet education programs, and other direct pet care initiatives.  Money raised through the sale of these animals is directly granted to shelters and animal programs in the United States and Canada.   We are extremely appreciative to have our  grant application chosen by this worthy foundation.

 Helping Hearts Equine Rescue will be applying our Bearemy’s Kennel Pals® Grant Program funds to the care and rehabilitation of equine’s in need.  The horses in our care come from a variety of sources – owner relinquishments, animal control and SPCA cases and from Feed Lots and Kill Pens where the next step would be slaughter.   This grant will directly help us provide feed, care and veterinary intervention for several of these animals.  Once healed, Helping Hearts Equine Rescue then makes them available for adoption to loving, permanent homes.

 THANK YOU Build-A-Bear Workshop Bear Hugs Foundation for assisting us in our Mission.


Isolation/Quarantine Center -  A REALITY - - - -

We are pleased to announce that our Wishlist Isolation/QT Center is completed and housing it's first occupants.


Tonka, our First Guest - - -

It's been a dream since we began:   A separate area to QT & Care for At-Risk Horses.   

We had the space, we began this spring to clear and grade it.  We've obtained Grants and Gifts to help bring it to Reality.

  ~Thank you to Electra-Braid Fencing for donating the fencing material.

~We have received a generous offer from the Polle Family to fund the purchase of the Building-- A  10' X 38' Horizon Structure containing 3 10x10 stalls & a 8x10 feed/storage room .

 ~Thank You to the ASPCA for awarding us a $2,000.00 Grant towards our On-Site Quarantine Center. The funds have been earmarked for the lumber to install the Electra-Braid Fencing. 

~We have also received a generous donation from an Anonymous Donor to apply the 'finishing touches' to make the center move-in ready for horses as soon as possible ~ that includes rubber matting, water troughs, water & feed tubs, outfitting the feed/supply room; fencing panels for the interior fencing -- the panels will allow us flexibility in setting up efficient and 'clean' quarantine paddocks.


As the commercial says . . . dare to dream!




WE HAD A howling good time for Halloween at Sleepy Hollow !

THANK YOU Michelle Morville for organizing this Event and to Torey Mather for opening her gorgeous facility Sleepy Hollow Stables in New Egypy, NJ for hosting the event! Good Fun, Good food, excellent ride and excellent facilities! We anticipating raising a total of $1,000 for HHER's rescues!! THANK YOU ALL.

This SPOOKTACULAR followed lovely wide sandy paths through forests and had great lake views in the Colliers Mill Wildlife Management Area. T



September 19, 2010 -
Our Benefit Polo Match was a success!!  HHER raised $3,575. to care for our horses.  
See our Photo Album on Facebook:

The Jackson Trio - - Starvation Ponies

December 1, 2009 - - Well, November was an important month for these three.  The 4-H family who has been caring for them has decided to make Jessie, the Arab mare a permanent member of their family.  She has trust issues from being beaten and is coming around with their excellent care-being ridden and trusts her new family.   "Old Man Fred", the 24 yr old, 14 hh gelding is now ready for a new home.  He's been evaluated under saddle and is a quiet and kind child's mount.  16/17 yr old  Lil Bay has not yet been evaluated as he was the most emaciated of the group.  He has however, proven to be an escape artist, can open most latches and gets extremely excited over every pending meal - - typical pony. 

Sept 23:  Updated photos - - --
Lil Bay:                                          Arab mare - Jessie              Old Man Fred
These animals have a long road to recovery ahead of them. THANK YOU EVERYONE who has donated funds toward their recovery!!  Our 4-H family have decided to retain Jessie the mare - - Fred and Lil Bay (Buddy 2) need homes lined up.

   August 23:   More Starvation:  Scroll down for updates on their recovery. . .

Bonnie spotted an ad on Craigslist--"Arabian for sale and 2 ponies to good home"--owner lost job and needed to sell/place them before they "ran out of feed and the animals starved".  One of her 4-H families is looking for a horse so they went to see them; and found these animals in a backyard in Ocean County:

The mare and 2 geldings are in bad shape.  Bonnie had brought her trailer just in case her 4-H family decided to take one of the horses.  What they wound up doing was purchasing all 3 out of them out of there.  While the family was prepared to take in a horse, what they are now caring for is 3 severely neglected/starved animals.  Bonnie knows that I'm full with our 3 newest starvation/neglect cases and so didn't bring them straight here.  We are attempting to handle the situation on-site at the 4-H family's home, as multiple trailer-rides in their current condition is very much unadviseable.  An equine dentist was there 7 a.m. this morning to examine the worst mouth - - the pony's mouth was absolutely so overgrown and bad it couldn't eat feed at all--even if it had been offered!!  He stated that it was the worst case he's ever seen.  These 3 horses are going to need extensive veterinary assistance, rehydration with IV fluids may be necessary, we need funds folks, to cover vet, dental and to buy feed and supplements to help these horses survive their ordeal.
This is currently a crisis situation, especially for the Bay gelding.   All donations to help these starved horses will be tax deductible as allowed by law.   Please consider mailing or paypaling any amount to assist these animals on their  road to recovery.  
Aug. 25:  Thank You Dr. E. Klayman for donating your time and services to examine these 3:  The results of the exam today, per Bonnie, are as follows:
If I got this correct (trying to remember everything); the Bay (aged at about 15) scored 1 [on the Body Condition Scale] (nothing lower); the chestnut gelding scored a 2 (Old guy aged at about 20) & the Arab mare scored between a 2/3 score (youngest aged at possibly 13-14).   The lil bay was breathing a lil heavy but to be expected & everyone's heart sounded good no fevers/normal temps.   The bay is several hundred pounds under weight & the worst.  We got the fly strike under control & the legs are back to normal size on the arab mare.   Still have some rain rot to deal with. 
They want all three kept on the purina senior feed til they are back to normal weight slowly increasing by 1/2 pound of feed each feeding over next couple days til they are at 2-3 lbs per feeding No more than 3 lbs of feed per feeding & 3-4 feedings a day for the chestnuts & 4-5 feedings a day for the bay.   The bay is so nervous about being starved that he gulps his feed so he needs to have his soaked & still has trouble with the hay so we will have to get him some hay cubes but they must be soaked to mush before he can have them so he doesn't choke.   The arab seems to have suffered physical abuse as well because she is afraid to be touched.  Everyone is drinking a lot of water & pooping solid, wooohoo for poop !   
Sept 3:  The oldest horse, the chestnut gelding had a bout of gas colic yesterday. The vet was out to treat him in 15 minutes.  He seems better today, keep him in your thoughts and prayers.
Sept. 7I was there on Saturday & they are all looking much better, less pointed & starting to gain some weight, will take pictures next Sat. to compare.   Alfalfa cubes were too gassy for the old horse but the young horse (can't eat hay)  is doing good on them.   The old horse can eat hay so I told them to just take him off the hay cubes completely since he is on senior feed.
Sept. 9:   The Little Bay is Colicking:
~When I arrived the vet already checked his heart rate & temp & he was still in good condition to work on him vs putting him down.   He was very dehydrated with his eyes sunk in again.
~Vet pumped a ton of sludge mixed w/alfalfa hay cubes off his stomach so Vet couldn't tube him with oil & fluids.   Couldn't sedate him with much of anything because of his body score/condition being so bad from the neglect so my 280lbs added with Bruno's brute we held him the best we could for IV fluids, antibiotics & pumping, got 3 liters in while he tossed us around like rag dolls. 
~Ok so I admit I smell like a sewer from gut fluids splattering & green horse snots...... but hey... he is already acting better so it's ALL good !   Once the stomach was pumped he was feisty again (like a rodeo) & we had our hands full.   I'm hoping that is a good sign that we caught it in time.  The next 48hrs will tell 
These ponies were so neglected that simple feedings can be deadly as their bodies adjust to nutrition being introduced even at the slow rate of 5 small meals a day.


Read Jack the Lad's amazing story . . . . July 3, 2010- -Jack has a NEW PERMANENT HOME!!

 Jack the Lad GB ~ Sept. 21, 2009 -

 Hip #810 - Standardbred Gelding, possibly imported due to his freeze-brand GB0182.  We are trying to trace the brand.

Pull Fee is $400.00 ~ Muddy Creek Farm of Berlin, PA is raising these funds.

Aug. 21:  We Know Who He Is!! ~Jack The Lad aka Jack The Lad GB.   Thank you to all the people working on this. 

Thanks to our friends at the UK registry, we know he is in fact an English-bred Standardbred.  Imported to Canada, raced all over the US until age 14.  He is a foal of 1991, made $235,000 in 234 starts.  Last start was at Saratoga several years ago. ~~  Ellen Harvey

Aug 22: the plot thickens!! ~~ During conversation with our vet, Dr. Eli Perris and his assistant Lisa S. today, I related to them the teamwork in working to find this horse a home, discovering his identity and his pending freedom from the kill pen.  Lisa recognized the name "Jack the Lad" as being a horse that a client had recently given away.   Eli contacted the client to inquire about the disposition of "her" Jack and of any identifying markings.  The woman stated that she had given Jack to "John from Pennsylvania who was taking the horse for his girlfriend to ride" and she confirmed that "her" Jack had a freeze-brand beginning with the letters GB.  When she asked  Eli why he the questions, he explained to her that we had found the horse in the kill pen.  The poor woman was beside herself!! She had told the new owner of the horse if he ever couldn't keep him, that he could be returned, that she didn't want to see him go to auction, etc.  This unscrupulous person had every intention of turning this horse around to make a quick buck, at the expense of Jack's life and Jack's owner's trust!!

This owner had herself gotten the horse from a trainer 4 years ago when he couldn't race anymore due to a bad knee, to save him a trip to auction/slaughter - - and trained him to be a riding horse.  There is no way she would have knowingly given the horse to an unscrupulous person!!

Please folks, be careful in re-homing your horses!!!  Always have something in writing.  Ask for references -- Vet and Farrier - - AND CHECK THEM!  If you need help in putting together a Transfer Agreement, please email me, I have a 'stock form' that you can use as a jumping-off point.  I can't guarantee that it would be legally binding in a court of law, but if a person won't sign an Agreement, chances are that their intentions are less than honorable.  If it hadn't been for rescues networking for the good of the horses and  a chance conversation, the story could have had a very different outcome and the owner never would have known that that her horse was nearly slated for slaughter. 

  Hip #769 - TB Mare, used for Polo, appears sound - - Price is $400


Saved along with "Jack the Lad" below, the mare has been christened "Jill".  Jill and Jack will stay together.



 Our local dressage organization - Eastern States Dressage and Combined Training Association - honored me as the 2008 recipient of the ESDCTA Sportsmanship Award at the award banquet on Feb. 8, '09.  The rulebook states that the trophy is "awarded to an ESDCTA member who has exhibited selflessness and helpfulness towards others within the ESDCTA community."  I am very honored and Thankful to have received this recognition for our efforts for the horses.  The member who nominated me included with the nomination letter the article written by Ed Johnson and published in the Asbury Park Press on Sept. 28, 2008.  Portions of the article were read aloud, which made for a very moving presentation.  So Thank You to my mystery-friend who nominated me; Thank You Ed Johnson for writing the article; and Thank You to the ESDCTA Board of  Directors for choosing me as the 2008 recipient.


News Article:

FROM 'THE EXAMINER' *Allentown, Millstone, Roosevelt, Upper Freehold, Nov. 20, 2008
Wandering horse gets help in Millstone Twp.,


This equine, which was found wandering around Manalapan, is now recuperating at Chestnut Ridge Equestrian Center in Millstone, thanks to the help of area volunteers.

MILLSTONE — He's been dubbed McCain, because he's an old veteran who showed up around Veterans Day.

McCain is an elderly equine found wandering around Dey Grove Road in Manalapan, now recuperating at Helping Hearts Equine Rescue at Chestnut Ridge Equestrian Center, Millstone.

Millstone resident Sharon Gaboff is the animal control officer for neighboring ManalapanTownship. On Nov. 13, she received a call at 8:30 a.m. about a loose horse on Dey Grove Road. Gaboff said two local residents caught the horse, which had no halter on, and put him in a paddock.  "I was shocked at the condition of the horse," she said.

Gaboff made inquiries about the horse at local farms, but no one knew the equine or made any reports of missing horses. Because of his poor condition, Gaboff does not think the horse could have wandered very far, and speculated that he may have been dumped in the area.

Gaboff contacted Lisa Post, the founder of Helping Hearts Equine Rescue, who agreed to come to the old fellow's aid. The women waited in the pouring rain for a veterinarian to check the animal. Dr. Mike Ostner, of Dey Associates, Upper Freehold, examined the horse and said that he is between 20 and 30 years old.

Despite the horse's outward appearance, his heart and respiration were within normal parameters, although lung sounds were indicative of pneumonia, according to Post. Ostner told her that if the horse has an underlying problem to account for his condition, it could be lymphosarcoma.

Post said it was reprehensible for someone to treat an animal like this.

"He deserves better. He gave his life to serve humans in work and recreation and this is the thanks he gets — to let him starve," she said.  Post said McCain has open sores over some of the protruding bones on his left side, indicative of having been down for a period of time. He was covered in feces on that side, so he was lying in his own manure, she said. "Even if I'm wrong about the starvation and he's in this state due to an underlying disease or condition, you don't let the animal suffer. That's pure cruelty," Post said.

Post and volunteers spent the night drying and warming up the equine. McCain now seems perky and wants to eat everything put in front of him, she said.   Gaboff said the horse is subject to the seven-day holding period required by statute for a stray animal. The New Jersey Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is also investigating the case. If anyone has information about the identity of the horse, contact Gaboff at 732-489-1717. Donations for the rescue may be sent to Helping Hearts Equine Rescue, 260 Millstone Road, Perrineville, NJ 08535 or by calling 732-786-9015.

Post-script: McCain passed as this article was going to press.


Thurday, Nov. 20:  
It is with great sadness that I must share the news that we lost McCain yesterday afternoon.  Rigo called me into the barn, McCain had gone down and couldn't get back up--we tried several times to help him up, but he just didn't have the strength.  He just looked so drawn and tired.   Goodness knows what this poor guy endured in the last few weeks and months of his life.  Eli Perris, our vet, was only a few minutes away as he was on his way  for Simon, and he quickly arrived.  Between the 3 men, they got him to his feet, but he was so shakey and weak, we knew he'd go down again without us there to hold him up.  And so we decided to let him go.  It was only 7 days, but it was seven days of being warm, dry, clean, with a full belly and I think, knowing that he was with people that cared about him.  The consensus here is that he knew that he was safe, and it was now OK to 'let go'.   Thank You everyone for your support and well-wishes for McCain in the past week.