Helping Hearts Equine Rescue, Inc

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~ Tributes~

 At times, we receive donations In Memory of a lost horse, pet or loved one.  This page is dedicated to honor them and their memory.

 Robinson was one of my first rescues, even before Helping Hearts existed.  And he adopted out to a wonderful family -- Liz and Ed, who took care of his every need and want.  Sadly, Robinson passed on Monday, Dec 9, but he passed peacefully surrounded by those who loved him.   No-one can ask for more than that.   

 Run Free Robinson! 




  Photo: Poor Bear...  RIPRest in Peace Bear -- 11/22/12,

                        Loved by Debra Kranz


In Memory of my beloved Bear; saved from Camelot to come into my life to save me! My unconditional friend, partner, companion and gift from God. Crossed into better pastures November 22, 2012







 Leela -- A donation was made by Karen Lawver in memory of Leela, a TB mare.  She was rescued from the Auction Mill/threat of slaughter, and sadly, only days later incurred a devastating injury to her one remaining eye.  Due to the extent of complications, she was humanely put down.   Rest in Peace.  

 October 3, 2012



♥ ~ In Memory of Christie Kerr's mare, Homeward Maryland, who was put down one year ago today, (5/5/2001 - 3/4/2011), by Lisa A Menda.  


♥ ~ In Loving Memory of Sweet Bo's Regard, by Debra Lee Davis



Donation for Amber, from Susan Fechter:

Note from Susan Fechter:

This donation is made for the fine old mare in memory of my family of horses who never quite made it to 30 years old, Kim (27), Baby (29), Manly (29 and 11 mo.), and our dear Bambi (17).




Lisa, Susan Van Ingen Kaufman notified me of her intention to make a donation to your very fine rescue in honor of our 35 yr. old pony, Chocolate, who died tragically on Saturday due to complications of Choke.  He was rushed to The Ruffian Equine Center @ Belmont Race Track on Friday and although the obstruction (which the specialist believed was wood) passed,  he was left with deep lacerations to his esophagus and aspiration pneumonia.  We are heartbroken.  Susan is a very special woman and it has become my pleasure to have her as my friend.  Thank you for your kindness,  Susi Fechter and Chocolate's other owner, Darlene Maler. 

Thank You Ladies, for donating in memory of Chocolate, and allowing us to assist another horse in need

 Newla, much loved cow of Liz Klem, passed quietly on Dec. 12, 2010. Liz is the wonderful adoptive mom of Radar and Robinson.  

Not many cows are blessed to have a loving and dedicated owner for 20+ years.    Bless you Liz for loving Newla for all these years!! 

 Donations made in Newla's Memory - 

Liz Klem

Eleanor Robertson.

Kathleen Robertson



~~Donation In Memory of Luke and Crow,      Maria Baggerly                            

IN tribute to Sambuca ~~  I'd like to give a shout out to my beloved mare who died in March...and who I am sure led me to Robinson and Radar.  Liz Klem  

 (Liz adopted Robinson & Radar in April)





 MICKY (MicMac, P45,212) ~ Micky was the much loved partner of Pat Zimmer.  This photo was taken April, 1964 upon their return from a horse show where they were crowned Reserve Champion.

Micky passed a number of years ago, but Pat makes donations to HHER in Micky's memory and we wish to share Pat's memories of MIcky and honor him here. 





Dollar was owned and loved by Kristin Adams.  She contacted me in the summer. Due to college costs, etc., she could no longer keep Dollar and was looking for placement.   I agreed to take Dollar in, in fact, I was planning on adopting him for my barn's dressage lesson program.   Tragically, Dollar was killed in a freak storm before he could ship to us.

Kristin loved Dollar and worked hard to find him a new situation where he would be safe.   She exemplifies what I consider a responsible horse owner to be.   She keeps him in her heart and asks that all horse-lovers/owners remember what's important - - LOVE YOUR HORSE!!

"Have you Hugged Your Horse Today?"