Helping Hearts Equine Rescue, Inc

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Volunteer Opportunities

 We've been getting a lot of inquiries over the winter on Volunteer Opportunities. I want to thank everyone for their inquiries, but due to time constraints and other limitations (more volunteers than handleable rescues) we are putting volunteer opportunities to new candidates 'on hiatus' until further notice. Thanks for your understanding. 


   It Takes a Village . . .

Yes, We LOVE volunteers!!  We match our volunteers with horses that they work with on a regular schedule, based on the volunteer's experience and confidence level with horses. We occasionally ask our volunteers to do more "organizational chores" -- organizing tack sale items, clean the horses' halters, etc. etc.  

” Our volunteer days are generally Tues, Thurs & Sat. Volunteers can make their own hours between    11 - 4. 

”  All volunteer hours/days are initially by "appointment" -- We MUST know if and when to expect you. 

“While we love sharing our love of horses with youngsters, due to insurance and liability issues, we require that any volunteers under the age of 17 be accompanied each time with a parent and/or guardian during the time they spend with us.  (Minimum age to volunteer is 14 yrs as long as the above is adhered to.)

” We are in the process of developing a Q & A for prospective volunteers to get an idea of your experience and comfort level around horses.   

 ◊For the less experienced we have seniors that just need grooming and TLC, or
rehabs that need grooming, hand-walking etc.

◊More experienced people might put some ground-work onto a horse we're
working towards getting under saddle, that sort of thing.

◊Of course, volunteers with minimal experience are welcome as well.  In those instances we partner you up with a more experienced person to teach you the ropes. 

 Ready to get started??

The best way to contact us about volunteering is to email us:  [email protected]

What Volunteering at Helping Hearts (and most horse-rescues) is NOT:   Volunteering is NOT 'free horseback riding'.  Our rideable equines are generally in a training program with the resident trainer and her assistants to increase their adoptability and/or resolve training/under saddle issues.  

What Volunteering at Helping Hearts IS:  Hands-on work with a variety of equines, based on your realistic experience and confidence level.   Please remember that this is rescue. Many animals are rehabilitating from starvation and neglect.  The animals may have fear issues to work through, they may have received minimal handling or bad handling in their lives so far that needs to be overcome. This work is primarily accomplished from the ground.  There will be many seniors beyond riding age that just need love, grooming, treats and TLC lavished on them.  They enjoy TIME spent on them.  

If working with rescue-horses to give them a second chance, a fresh start and/or positive attention in their golden years is something you would like to assist with, please read on:

Please note the following change to our Volunteer Program, as we posted at the top of this page:  Orientation Sessions are currently suspended.  We will schedule a session on a Saturday in June, to be determined.   Thank You for your understanding.  

HOW:   We require that all potential volunteers attend an orientation session prior to beginning/setting a volunteer schedule  This Orientation Session will take place on the first Saturday of each month, from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m.  Our future volunteers will get the "royal tour" of the facility and meet the rescues. We can answer any questions you may have, and we can get an idea of your horse experience and confidence level so that we can match you up with a rescue or two.   Please email Lisa Post / Mary Giannella to inquire about volunteering and reserve a spot for the next Orientation Session -- [email protected] 

Thank You!